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10 November 2013

Something miraculous happened today. I won't even pause for dramatic effect I'll just dive right in. Theo fell asleep in the car on the way home from visiting Simon at work and then come home and still went down for a regular afternoon nap.

Okay, now a little dramatic pause.

Normally even a 34 second power nap in the car is enough to destroy any hope of a legit nap and it has ruined many an afternoon for selfish Grace but today ... he took note of the desperation in my eyes, listened to my silent please, and passed right out. Anyway - maybe I should crack open my first baby book or dial a friend that cares when I feel the need to record momentous occasional victories like these but for now ... they be blogged.

And thanks to this blessed little miracle child of mine I have time to sit down and type out a little post about boots for you.

[Ha. Here I am 10 hours later. Laugh laugh laugh. The older two took teeeeeeeny little naps and Julia claimed she was having a "bad back like Simon" (he does have the back of an 89 year old - it's terrible) and Sebastian swore there was a wolf in the kitchen which meant that he couldn't sleep and they won because call weekends always find me with my guard down and ah yes - almost anything goes. I'm not proud but survival of the tiredest and all of that.]

Moving on and out of the longest introduction ever. English teacher retiree for a reason, right here.

OnlineShoes asked if I'd share five of my favorite boots from their site and like the rest of the female world ... I'm in the mood for boot wearing and I couldn't resist. I'm sharing six.

I know. I don't think I could stand to wear boots during the summer but my other options were:

boots with the flare
yes, boots for you (throwback to the soup nazi)
boots you won't hate

so I think I went with the least terrible.

And they didn't ask that I say this or anything but I was trying to order a pair of boots last week and was being a real idiot about checking out and they answered my "HELLLLPPPPPPP" email in about 4 seconds flat and were super nice and they always offer free shipping and free exchanges etc. Awesome.

Okay, so on Wednesday's post a lot of people pledged allegiance to the tall boot and I am with every single one of you. I'll always love the tall over short. Always. But ... but ... but I'm starting to warm a little bit more to the idea of the ankle boot and was especially encouraged by Audrey's super helpful post on wearing ankle boots for various leg shapes, heights, calf sizes, etc. And Sydney - that Sydney - so smart ... thought to just cut the bottoms off of pants to help the ankle boot look along. So ... I found a few of both styles ... tall and small.

Here you go ...

1. Kork-Ease Velma - these are my favorite boots ever. Well, I've never seen them in the flesh/leather but I know they would be if I did. I put them on the Facebook page and not everyone agreed but I have one pair of Kork-Ease and holy comfortable.
2. Naturalizer Onset - these are actually the boots in the top photo as I just got them in the "email" (as Julia says) and I love them. Even though they have a little heel they are still super comfortable and even Simon handed out an unsolicited compliment and he normally is an ankle boot hater.
3. Born Raisa - these got several 5-star reviews on the website for comfort level but they look edgy but not too edgy for Costco, right?
4. Clarks Plaza Beagle - cue Simon's jokes about riding horses blah blah neigh. But these scream classic to me ... and Clarks are known for their comfort level. Yes, I am big on shoe comfort. I'm 30. I old.
5. Jessica Simpson Elmont - Can anyone else not open a can of tuna without thinking of Jessica's chicken of the sea line? I hope I'm not alone. Anyway - I like the pointier toe and the cognac color of these babies. Or Maxwells - whatever.
6. Jack Rogers Mercer - ending things on a WiLd and cRaZy note with two-toned but really ... Kate Middleton would definitely wear these. Once. Before she moved onto the other 89 boots in her closet.

Love? Hate? Give it to me straight or send me the link to a pair that you have or that you love - people gave awesome tunic recs on Thursday so I trust you completely. And if you want to just tell me you're also jamming out to the purr of several sound machines through a half broken/sometimes works baby monitor on your Saturday night like I am - I'd love that too.


  1. I love #6, but I love your comment about them even more.

  2. I love your boot choices. I am still waiting for my exact right pair that I love for every reason. And I am listening to the "white noise" setting through my monitor. Though at the first hint of noise I switch over to "thunderstorm."

  3. i just ordered my first (two) pair(s) of boots a few days ago. i turn 32 today (small - or large - sigh) and i've never owned a pair of boots. i ordered a fuzzy pair for walks with the dogs, and a dress pair for work/church/anywhere i need to look decent in public.

    i must admit, i'm pretty excited about it.

    oh, and my dress pair is definitely tall. i'm kind of in love with them already and hoping my expectations aren't too high.

    i love number 6. so cute!

  4. I see people wearing #6 all the time, and everytime I see them I think, I NEED those boots- because I do love them. But then I forget about them because. money. :) I like all your picks- surprised they're all brown though. I'm a fan of gray because I feel like I can swing them the brown or black direction. I do not know if that's actually a fashion faux pas but I also care not. Signing off, caring way more about boots this morning than I ever thought.

  5. My ankle boots are the faux suede super chic ones from Old Navy so I'm drooling over any of those. I'll also shout some love for the knee boot but they aren't practical for FL (even tho the locals whip out the sherpa coats and uggs as soon as the temp dips below 70 degrees)

  6. I used to love my ankle boots until I started seeing myself in pictures with them on - then I hated them forever. So THANK you for the link to Audrey's post - super helpful in deciphering my problem. All that said - I like number 3 on your list - they look nothing like my current pair so I'll be sticking to my high kneed boots.

  7. I just can't get into the ankle boot look although - I have abnormally short legs and look dumb with tall boots. I also have super muscular calves from cheerleading (thirty years ago. not an exaggeration, it was really THAT long ago) and my boots have to have a little give in them. All that said... I have this cute pair of black suede boots that are stretchy in the calves without having obvious elastic panels and I love wearing them. I always feel cute in them. Katie Holmes ruined ankle boots for me by wearing that same pair of suede ones all Summer one year - they don't go with everything, Katie! And one thing about Simon and his back... I am literally crippled by back pain. At 45 I can't so much as go out to dinner because the pain of sitting at a 45 degree angle is so severe. I have a ton of diagnosis that I won't bore you with but the initial cause of it all was an extra lumbar vertebrae. My brother has the same thing and is having some back pain but not nearly as bad as mine because he didn't bear children and isn't overweight and all the stuff that made mine crap out sooner than it should. Simon has a similar body type - long torso - I would recommend that he have a spine xray and see if that's the case and if it is, he should do everything he can to strengthen his bones (I'm severely vitamin D deficient) and strengthen his core to avoid the kind of degenerative stuff that started happening to me not long after I turned 40. I know he's a doctor and stuff and I would never presume to diagnose over the internet (Calling Dr. Google...) but I've come across a few other people with similar body types who have this extra vertebrae/back pain issue.

    1. That should be 90 degree angle. I'm a doofus.

  8. have you seen colleen donahue sporting the bootie???? its a super big deal. i love the color and heal height of those naturalizers!! and as a woman of minimal inches, tall boots are more like the mid thigh boot which makes me feel like a street walker with minimal knee mobility. so the bootie it has been and always will be!

  9. I don't have boot recommendations because my boot budget is "5 dollars on clearance in the middle of the summer" but - we own 1 sound machine, an extra iPad that is only used for the sound machine app, a fan that is only used for the white noise, and a humidifier with a loud fan that we use... just for the white noise. And we only have 2 kids.

  10. I had one for whom the car nap was the nap kiss of death. Every time. I started just leaving him in the carseat in the garage so he would at least get 45 minutes or so. I would practically do backflips while driving to keep him awake.

  11. Thanks for the shout out, Grace! As far as the ankle boots, I could totally see you rocking any of them. I like how 1 and 3 look a little more...rustic(?). I think you'd pull off any of them really well!

  12. I am lovin that # 2 boot…the color is pretty perfect. And I too took a liking to sydney's cut off the excess length post, that girl, she is going places I tell ya! Target has really stepped up its ankle boot game lately so there are a couple pairs I have picked up along the way.

  13. I think I'm a record on repeat on this but I swear by Frye boots, and you can usually find great deals on Ebay.

  14. I am so happy to hear tall boots are still in style! I had a moment of worry when I read that other article that ankles boots are in, tall boots are out :(. I finally have a good setup of camel brown, dark brown, and black boots that I rotate through but it took me like 3 Christmases to buy them or get them as gifts.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I just wore my tall boots to church this morning, so I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one still wearing them! (I was on the fence about it but my sweet third baby apparently came with permanently larger feet (for me, not him) so none of my flats fit. at all. not a single one, let alone two, so it was boots or crocs and... yeah. definitely boots). I've been wanting ankle boots as well, but I'd probably just wear them under jeans, so I don't think my opinion on those is worth much

  17. Love boots. This is so bad for my addiction. I need a good classic pair of tall brown ones.

  18. Love the #1 boots...i voted for those on your fb so i feel proud. Didn't know they were kork ease though, so now I really want them...all about comfort these days, as you know.

  19. #2 & #4 faves of the short or tall. Hubby recently bought me a cute pair of ankle boots and a couple of years ago I bought my only pair of tall boots! Love both and they go with everything!

  20. #3. i'll get a pair too and we can start a kick-ass gang that patrols Costco...kicking....things.



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