the usual

14 April 2018

1. Another double instadip, another list of blips. As titled: the usual.

2. I'm going to admit that I woke up kind of excited to check out Target's latest collaboration (online) but the delay on the tall boots paired with the fact that the other boots (my personal favorite - even if they are marketed as mens) can only be purchased in store has me ... disappointed at worst. I'll survive and forget about it in three minutes - max. I do wonder if the stores will get cleaned out immediately? Probably. Target is killing it on the sandal front - Julia has and loves these and I convinced Phoebe that these are pretty much the same thing

3. About every other week I find myself in a dinner rut. We have our go-tos (I'm super guilty of falling back on breakfast for dinner at least once a week) but it'd be nice to spice things up a bit and I need to just keep Katie's website open all the time because she's full of great ideas - kid-friendly too.  

4. I read If You Only Knew this week and it was cute - a good one for the pool or the beach or the backyard perched next to the baby pool. I'm impatiently waiting on a whole lot of library holds including An American Marriage

5. Simon was gone for a couple nights this week and I plowed through all six episodes of Music City. I can't recommend it but I obviously binged it without complaint. If you need something mindless and reminiscent of The Hills etc ... this fits the bill beautifully.

6.  Just when I thought my undying love for clogs might be waning every SO slightly ... these pretty puppies had to come on the scene. Not in my size, sadly but how perfect are they? Very.

Alright, off to make donut muffins at Theo's request. Have a nice weekend :)


  1. Oh my goodness, all of the toddler sandals are soooo cute...might have to stock up for Zoey for next year!

  2. wow. you rocked it on the two food websites!
    I get in dinner ruts all the time. So thanks for sharing Katie's website. They are doable recipes!
    the recipe for the donut muffins ~ SOLD! Def making those for the children.

  3. Thanks for sharing Katie's website. Never heard about it and have found 3 recipes in under 5 min that I need to make!

  4. Oh Grace I envy how you are able to get so much reading and occasional show binging done!!! I only have three little ones and I feel like I never just.... get.... a minute...!!!!!! Sheesh between laundry, cooking, cleaning and child rearing I haven’t gotten to read or watch much in YEARS! :-) Love your posts, thank you for all the links and suggestions.



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