six months of Abe

10 December 2017

This past week I've been telling inquiring minds that Abe will be 6 months on the 15th. And then it hit me tonight that no, the 15th is Bosco's (half) birthday and Abe is 6 months today! Woo to the hoo. If ever there was a reason for a blog post, right?


Simon kept insisting that this photo "pose" was going to look super awkward while Bianca and I assured him it wouldn't and I think Simon was right on this one. 

I won't get into skills and stats mostly because his skills are minimal and his stats are just large + tall but he did recently cut two teeth and we all have the bite marks to prove it. The nickname, "Babe" for Baberaham has totally stuck and I fear the general public thinks we named him after a fictional talking  piglet but there are worse things.

He's entered the phase of whipping around any wide open space by way of rolling and often finds himself half way under couches or beds until Supermom saves his day. Rinse. Repeat. But when he's not playing Houdini he does love himself a little Tula time (or, "Trulia" as Simon repeatedly calls it) or time in his seat-o-fun.

He visibly shakes with anticipation if he thinks I might give him a little taste of food and once he gets a month or two of real food under his belt I don't think odds are bad that he'll soon outweigh Bosco.

He's still going back and forth between two and three naps depending on the day and the travel situation but I'm hopeful we'll get things down to a dull + consistent two nap roar someday soon.

Simon jokes that the rougher the pregnancy the happier the baby because Abe's pregnancy was rough but he's such a delight that it's almost impossible to remember anything other than life with him ex-utero.

Happy half birthday, baby boy. 


  1. What a cutie! I agree with Simon, although I include labor in there too - the harder the pregnancy + labor = the easier the baby :)

  2. I had a great uncle we called Babe and I have no idea what his actual name was! I think “Babe” is even written on his grave.

  3. My son Gabriel was dubbed Gabe The Babe very early on and we still call him Babe from time to time.



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