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02 December 2017

1. I'm somewhere in the middle of, "wow!! how is it already December?!" and "my e-people have been decking their halls for a month now so how is it not January yet?" but mostly the former. Since this is probably our last winter in Florida we are soaking up the mild weather as much as possible and clucking in solidarity with the, "it's going to get down to 60 next week! be ready!!" ... what a wonderful world. Truly.

2. We're taking family photos tomorrow and I keep telling myself that it'll be a victory if we have three child smiles but even that might be a bit optimistic.

Trial run before Paul's rehearsal dinner. Two. Two smiles and I'll be thrilled.

3. In a totally predictable move I've started to watch Suits from the very beginning since I've only seen random episodes and there's no time like the present, right? Right. Season two of The Crown is right around the corner though so Megan might be put on hold ... temporarily.

4. I know it's a total abomination but I've taken to making Buckeye Bars in lieu of actual Buckeyes because they take WAY less time to make. Simon and I agree that we do enjoy the pb+ chocolate ratio better than the real deal so there is a silver lining to my laziness. Just try them ... they won't disappoint.

5. If you're in the market for a pair of high-waisted jeans (complete with destroyed knees ... not everyone's cup of tea but I'm a fan) these are 40% off and get great reviews in case you don't want to solely take my word for it (size up though!). And one more pair from a trusted brand that I love and often sells out waytoofast.

6. And on a more practical note - if you're doing any traveling might I recommend this portable battery for all of your recharging needs? I might. Loads of happy reviews too!

7. Finally! Hoping you'll help me out and share your favorite Christmas song. Links welcome and appreciated!!!

Happy aaaaaaaalmost Advent!!!


    This is my favorite “new” Christmas song. LOVE it so much and keep it on repeat right now. Good luck with the family photos... we just had ours (with only three kiddos) and I haven’t seen them yet... crossing my fingers...

  2. That picture is adorable! I wish I was as good as a kid outfit coordinator as you are! Where are your girls' dresses from? Favorite places to find matchy-matchy dresses for one in girls sizes and one in baby sizes? Carter's isn't cutting for me.

    1. these are from Pink Chicken's line at Target :)

      I know - it's so tough with the different sizes! Nowhere special! Old Navy, Target, B/S/T groups on facebook for pricier brands like Alice and Ames :)

    I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

  4. Hurray, Suits! My work is frequently rife with conflict and I dream of having Harvey Specter following me around all day solving all those pesky dramas for me.

    I love Carol of the Bells sung in four (or more) part harmony and I've a soft spot for Jewel's "Joy to the World" ( and the Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlan's version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (

    Happy Advent and good luck with the photos - I only have two to wrangle and even that stresses me out!!!

  5. But the suspenders?? Where?? I have a skinny kid who needs them on the daily.

  6. A college acquaintance who was a jazz major recorded this version of The Christmas Song years ago and it’s still my absolute favorite. So sweet, so gentle, so peaceful. I hope you enjoy it.

  7. Definitely the new Christmas song from Ed Sheern and Beyonce. Love your family picture, they all are gorgeous:)


  8. The Virgin Mary had One Son by Josh Garrels
    (Bonus: my husband produced it!)

  9. My two favorites are The Wexford Carol (Alison Kraus/YoYo Ma version...try it, even if she’s not your thing) and I’ll Be Home for Christmas. My children’s favorite is The Polar Express (Tom Hanks version) and Silent Night (Mindy Gledhill version).

  10. Pentatonix Christmas album is so great. My kids love it as well which is always a win win. Their voices are just so beautiful to listen to ��

  11. Where are the girls' dresses from? Absolutely adorable!

  12. Ha! Julia's frowny eyebrows hiding behind Abe!!

  13. A big, "Christmas Eve Midnight Mass with organ bellowing" O Come, All Ye Faithful gets me every time.

    Been listening to this Advent album. It's good background music. It's chill and different, but I like it. "Advent At Ephesus" by Benedictines Of Mary, Queen Of Apostles on Amazon Music.

  14. I love the Sufjan Stevens "Songs for Christmas" album!

  15. We just discovered this Nat King Cole song and my kids love it!

  16. Loving For King and Country right now - mostly these two:

  17. Mary's Boy Child by Bony M....but don't watch the video (insert wide-eyed emoji here).



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