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08 December 2017

There are loads of predictable things about me, but one of my favorites is that I'm always down to talk baby gear. At length. As our family has grown and our needs have evolved, it's been fun to discover new products that we love with features we appreciate from brands we trust. Our double stroller recently died a sad and frustrating death thanks to some overly aggressive handling after we gate checked it one too many times, so I've been on a slow and nonchalant hunt for a new one. The timing of the new Bugaboo Donkey2's release in November coincided perfectly with my search, and we were so thrilled and excited to take it for a whirl or ten ...

There are so many things to love and share about the Bugaboo Donkey2, but I think I love the versatility of the thoughtfully designed system the most. The stroller can be used in a mono (single) configuration with ample storage below and to the side of the seat ... the underset basket and side luggage basket offer 22 lbs. of storage respectively.

The seats recline or can be easily adjusted to sit more forward. The sun canopy actually fully covers the stroller passengers' faces when fully extended. The stroller also quickly and easily expands to duo mode where a bassinet or second seat can be added.

And the part the older kids were MOST excited about ... there's a Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board (aka scooter-like) that they can ride to make it a glorified triple stroller.

Another thing I really like is that the stroller's tires are foam filled, meaning they won’t go flat due to rough terrain (something we've previously struggled with using other strollers). This is so key for a stroller that gets lots of use on the daily. 

And finally, side by side - with room for a pet by the original name of, "ruff ruff" :)
Even when the stroller is expanded into duo configuration - it fits through standard doorways which is a non-negotiable for us. 
Simon just piped up that he wanted to me to emphasize how great the wheels are as he dealt with the brunt of other strollers' multiple flats. 
So, consider that emphasized. The stroller is customizable and Bugaboo offers a variety of colors for the seat fabric, side luggage basket and cover, and sun canopy. The Bugaboo Donkey2 can also accommodate infant car seats with the right adapters. 

I'm in the process of getting gold stickers made* to show off the, "Patton Seal of Approval" and this stroller will get our very first one. 

Thank you to Bugaboo for trusting us to test out the genius new Donkey2 and for sponsoring this post!

*sarcasm, but wouldn't that be fun/ridiculous?

photos by Bianca Merrell


  1. This is probably the most awesome stroller I have ever seen. Also, these pictures are really beautiful. Simon should start a photog business.

  2. We have had the original donkey for four years now and cannot say enough about it. It has been to Europe, where the streets are narrow and cobblestone, the countryside with gravel roads, sand and snow. We love it and highly recommend it to friends ����

  3. Have you by any chance tried the double city select? That's what I have right now and I'm curious to how they compare. In general I like the select but it's heavy to be pulling in and out of the car when I'm pregnant!

    1. I haven't! I'm sorry. I'm sure you could look up weights and compare!

  4. Can I ask where you got your dress in these pics? I love it!!!!!



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