things I'm extra excited about

30 September 2017

extra extra.

the photo that candid built.

1. London LittlesMy friend Janssen and her husband launched a line of kids' rain boots yesterday and as an unofficial connoisseur of kids' rain boots I'm here to report that they are GOOD. She didn't ask me to share and this isn't sponsored but if you've read her blog you know that she wouldn't put her name on anything less than perfect. If you follow the, "something to play with, something to read, and something to wear" rule of thumb for kids' Christmas gifts might I recommend a pair of rain boots? I might! I might.

2. Movies - I always feel way out of the movie loop so I get excited when there are flicks on the horizon that I've heard about AND want to see. I just rented The Big Sick but Simon and I decided that 9pm was too late to start a movie (L to the O to the L) so we'll watch it tomorrow and we're excited like the party animals that we are. I was hoping that Home Again would be out too but no luck, yet. Right now we're watching Grey's Anatomy while Simon tells me how unbelievable the entire show is like the grinch that stole vapid television.

3. Books - Well, one book. I just started Little Fires Everywhere and so far, so great.

4. Podcast - I'm starting one!

jk jk jk jk jk - gotcha! No, I probably didn't. It seems like all of Bachelor Nation has started one though and I might be the only happy human about that fact as they'll pull me through the Bachelor/etteless fall.

5. My little brother's wedding - it's coming up! It's a ten hour drive and I'm going to throw out the conservative estimate that it will takes us thirteen to get there. You know I'll circle back to report how laughable that estimate actually was.

6. Backyard Margaritas - we had them in Wichita and they were GOOD. Beerita, whatever - still good.

7. Shoes - allllllll the shoes on sale right now. Hunter boots! Ankle boots! Tennis shoes! You get the photograph.

Happy Weekend :)


  1. We just watched The Big Sick! It was so good, we loved it.

  2. Love these! I've been looking for a good pair for my kids' Christmas. Would you mind sharing where the rain jackets are from as well? Thanks!

    1. Target! Couldn’t find a link but ive seen them in the store for the past couple of years :)

  3. I am in love with bud light and tang. it is the perfect backyard drink

  4. Those beer margaritas are the same exact recipe as Sandra Lee's from Semi Homemade. We've been making them for over 10 years, and they are always requested at the summer BBQs we go to. Love them.

  5. I'm REwatching Grey's...from the beginning and my husband told me he'd rather sleep than finish the last 4 minutes with me. HAH! Curmudgeon husbands unite!

  6. You are THE nicest. So glad you and the gang like them!

  7. like the grinch that stole vapid television.
    LOL, Grace.

  8. This photo makes my heart explode. It literally makes me want another baby right now (and the newborn is STILL A NEWBORN). Rain boots + slickers apparently produce a hormonal cocktail!



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