three months of Abe

13 September 2017

"While I'm not exactly sure where the last three months have gone, I also can't quite remember life without this little baby" - me with every baby. Predictable as ever. 

While we had every intention of calling him Abe he still gets called Abraham, Babraham, Abey Cakes (??), and Abey Baby, more than he gets called Abe right now. Phoebe is constantly all up in his grill telling him, "you missed me - I know it!" (despite having just hassled him 5 minutes prior) and Bosco only asks to hold him when he's crying (convenient), the big kids like when he naps on their beds, and Simon and I still ooh and aw over him every night like he's our firstborn born just last week. We don't take photos of him like he's our first because I'm fairly certain these are the first non-cellular photos he's had taken by his doting mother. 

Bosco saw the camera, climbed into the frame, and went to work.

I have a distinct memory of craving a schedule and routine when Sebastian was 6 weeks old and Abe is more than double that age and we've yet to get that routine ball rolling. Soon! Soon. He naps semi predictably throughout the day but takes an especially long nap during dinner and the big kids' bedtime routine and perks up juuuuust as I start to think about doing something productive and stays up until Simon and I go to bed. If he wasn't consistently sleeping through the night (although! is it "through the night" if he goes to bed at 10:30/11?) I would probably be a little more motivated to be more regimented.

He seems to have such a sweet temperament but I'd be willing to bet most babies do and I always think every baby has a sweeter temperament than the last so - this sentence is essentially moot.

This photo is ever so slightly different than the first. Trust me.

Anyway, he's super chill in the car (which wins LOTS of points in my book because both of the girls were the opposite of chill and I've got the scarred drums of the ear variety to prove it), tolerates baths, and loves to be held and fawned over which is just fine by me. Usually.

And now for the fun part - which sibling does he favor? When he was first born I really thought he looked like a chubbier version of Theo (Abe weighed almost 2 pounds more) but now I'm thinking maybe a combo of Julia and Theo with a dash of Bash?

A refresher (I know we just did this with Bosco a couple years ago but humor me)  ...

Julia ...

Sebastian ...

(never has a child grown up to look so unlike his baby photos)

And Theo ...

Theo is 100% my side of the family slash Robin Williams lookalike.

And our sweet little Phoebe ...

glad I was diligent about those headbands to keep those locks out of her eyes.

And Bosco ...

I see zero of Bosco but maybe it's the hair/lack thereof?

I don't know.

I do know that there's nothing people love more than to stare at other people's baby photos - especially old ones. I'm no dummy.

Anyway, Abe's hair is lightening up and falling out at alarming rates and I'd be willing to bet that he'll be bald or blonde by his first birthday. Time will TELL.



  1. I think the sibs he looks most like (minus the hair) are Bosco + a little Julia!!! So funny what other people see...!!

  2. Julia! He is so sweet- love this!

  3. So cute! So darned cute!!! How do you stand it? You must have to kiss him a lot. :-D

  4. He is ridiculously cute. And I also see Julia and Bosco, but he really has his own little look going on!

  5. This is so cool that you do this on the blog what a great way to capture your family. I have 5 kids and my poor 5th will have zero pictures. Im terrible at documenting. You will be so happy you did!!

  6. He has the "smize" down pat, in the picture with Bosco. Adorable.

  7. You're crazy, he looks like Bosco all the way! :)

  8. I think all your kiddos have a "Patton"... pun intended... look about them. I actually see a lot of Bosco in him but he looks like now what you would think a baby Sebastian would look like!

  9. I think (most of the time) it's hard to tell who kids look like especially when they change so much so quickly. I can see Bosco and Theo and Julie the most in him. What about your's and Simon's baby photos?! For me it's hard to see any similarities in my kids but people tell me all the time they look alike - I just see them as themselves I guess.

    Our son is named Abram and some people do call him Abe. Some of his nicknames are also Babram and Abey Baby :)

  10. Listen, I know you all just dealt with hurricane Irma but 14-days of blog silence is more than this former Clearwater, FL girl can handle. Glad you all are safe! And, I'm loving the cuteness overload that your kids are!

  11. He's totally Julia's twin. That was my first thought when I saw that second picture.

  12. I see Bosch too! But, ever since he was born I see so much of Simon in him! It'd be interesting to add yours and Simon's baby photos.

  13. LOVE THIS! Enjoy all the crazy! My baby is 7 already! I had a baby stay up till 11pm...she is now 16 and driving! ENJOY!! Love your posts and you always make me laugh. You are so gifted in your writing.

  14. I'm always amazed at how sweet my babies are when I have a toddler around! Obviously there are some babies who are holy terrors, but usually I convince myself that THIS baby is so sweet and will stay that way. #settingmyselfupforfailure :D

  15. I say if he is sleeping through your night ~ your good!

    And I agree that he is a chubbier Theo with a strong Julia vibe.

  16. All babies do NOT have a sweet temperament. Trust me. My sister and I each have at least one child who proves your theory wrong! We love them...but sweet is not and was never the word we would have used!

  17. Oh my! He looks so much like Bosco! So funny that you say you see zero of him in Abe.

  18. Bosco. Yup. Bosco with dark hair. Sorry, Grace. You're just blind, and that's okay. We mothers can't be expected to know who our children look like (people are always telling me that my girls would look like triplets if Della were shorter, and I'm like...????).

  19. He reminds me most of Theo - definitely in the smile. But Bash's eyes for sure!

  20. stop it! you have the most darling family! <3 hope all is well in FL!



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