Sebastian Turns Six!

30 October 2017

I say it every year with every child but only because it rings so true! How is Sebastian turning six when he was just born yesterday? A few months ago? A year ago MAYBE? I don't know, but he is. I think I might always think of him as the jolly little baby planking around the house from three months on and it's been fun having Abe around as his temperament feels identical to baby Sebastian's (minus the planking - I don't blame you, Abe).

Sebastian has caught up to Julia in the height department and if his rapidly growing shoe size is any indicator he's just going to keep on chugging up the growth chart. Did I unabashedly give him a pair of tennis shoes as one of his gifts? Absolutely. He'll need a new size by Christmas and they'll be wrapped and gifted then, as well.

Sebastian lives to go on outings alone with me or Simon so Simon took him out to get a better idea of what he'd like for his birthday (we keep swearing we aren't buying anymore toys ever but I'll give you one guess what he got for his birthday ... ). They found a remote control truck and Simon texted me via his favorite e-lady (Siri) the brand so that I could look it up and order it on Amazon. The brand was Dickie Toys but Siri thought to spell it, "dicky toys" and you can only imagine what that search pulled up on Amazon. I have only myself (and Siri and Simon) to blame.

Anyway, back to the boy of the hour. Sebastian is so eager to please and do things right that whenever he senses that I'm in, "thishouseisapitofdestructionandweneedtocleanfortenyearsbeforeitsanybetter" mode he's the first to get down to business and even pulls out the vacuum to tackle the floors. He recently told me that he forgot if I was 100 or 200 years old, is eternally asking when we are going to do, "fun things" even if we've just pulled in the driveway from long trips or playground outings, and switched beds with Theo when Theo decided he'd rather sleep on the top bunk. We set up his train sets in the guest room (aka away from Bosczilla) and he spends hours up there making complicated tracks with homemade tunnels and cardboard buildings galore.

He really wanted a duplicate of the cake I made when he turned two for his sixth birthday so I made it happen and have the hurricane of a house to prove it. After we ate his requested dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, sang + had cake, opened his presents and let him stay up late to play with them he still asked when we were going to do, "fun things" ...

at least he's consistent and I appreciate the predictability.

We love you Sebastian! We hope you had a happy and semi-fun birthday! 


  1. YAY!! You're back! I vote no more month long hiatus. :-)

  2. Deadblog isn't Dead! Welcome back (if you're back), and Happy Birthday to the Mini-Simon! He was "Bashy" the baby when I started reading your blog, so this whole "year six" thing is blowing my mind.

  3. He is so big!!!! Bernadette does the identical "when are we going to do fun things" question, so funny. I feel like they were just babies!

  4. He's the most handsome little man!! Happy birthday, S!

    I'm glad you're back to blogging. I thought you were going to shut it down again when you hadn't blogged in much too long. Don't do that!

  5. Happy birthday, Bash!! What a character! Love his personality. :)

  6. maybe ask him, "what would be a fun thing?". I get very interesting answers when I ask my 3.5 y.o.



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