weekend's end

13 August 2017

1. IG repeat offender - I'm the worst, per usual. But, I wanted it to live on in blog infamy. Simple gal with simple needs, always.

2. Alright, I was a total slacker on the reading front this week BUT this book just came off the hold list and I'm excited to dive in - and I also put some of your recommendations from last week on my hold list so - thank you!

3. Did you see that season 2 of The Crown is coming out soon(ish)? Good, me too. On an unrelated note - Simon and I watched Manchester By The Sea last night -- so good but so, so sad.

4. I don't like beer but do enjoy beer pong (although it's been a year or nine since I've played) so this is something I could get behind (minus the inevitable and horrific hangover ...)

5. I keep reading/seeing that mules are the shoe of the season and I do love a good clog which is a close cousin of the mule. Anyway, behold!! Perfection? Methinks so.

6. Needless to say I wasn't in love with Monday night's finale but Rachel seems super happy and hopefully they live happily ever after. I found myself nodding in agreement (as official + amateur Bachelor Nation expert) with a lot of what was said on the Almost Famous podcast. If Peter's not the bachelor I'm very curious to see who they'll choose ...

7. And on the sale front ...

I have and love these heels and just saw that they are 50% off. Fiesta, fiesta.
+ flash sale! 35% off everything and 40% off clearance with code: BIGFAN (this shirt is so cute with great reviews)
+ 20% off dresses ... yee haw.
+ 40 OR 50% off everything at one of my favorites.

Have a great remaining few hours of your Sunday and/or happy Monday morning :)


  1. those babies of yours!! they are unreal cute!!! i mean. gah. you guys are inspiring. and oh, i'm always a repeat offender! but the ig/blog relationship balance baffles me too much to care at this point! haha.

  2. Small Great Things is such a good book, but so heavy. It definitely challenged me a lot and I am thinking I may want to re-read it...very relevant with all that is happening the last few days.

    That Bachelorette finale was just...weird. After her conversation with Peter she obviously KNEW she would be getting engaged to Bryan the next day, yet she still was kissing Peter and telling him she loved him?! Just seemed to me that she wanted the ring more than the man! I hope she finds happiness, but I found my opinion of her changing in the last couple of episodes.

  3. THE CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting my countdown to December 8. I am so here for it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Your bed frame! Where is it from? My husband is finally insisting on us getting one after, oh, 4 years...

    1. here's the link! not available at the moment but maybe you could find it on another site?

  5. Small Great Things is probably more relevant than ever, and I just read it about two weeks. And wow, it's heavy. I honestly just had to take breaks at time, because the visuals of what was happening was just too much. It's definitely a worthwhile read, but prepare yourself!



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