dog days

25 August 2017

1. I keep thinking I'll get my act together and carve out daily blogging time like I used to but it's as if the kids and the laundry and the messy, messy house don't make blogging a priority like I do. WEIRD. We'll find a groove - soon. I refuse to drift off into blogging neverland despite social media swallowing blogs whole left and right.

gearing up for lots of Butterball jokes circa Thanksgiving.

2. Well, I accidentally requested the audio version of Small Great Things and somehow it's a lot easier for me to read books than listen to them these days so I'm slowly making my way through but so far, so good. Tough to read but relevant right now and really well written. Oh! And apparently it's being made into a movie - how did I miss that?

3. I have to admit that I've gotten super sucked into Bachelor in Paradise (as has Simon! although - he'd never admit it) and I'm a little/a lottle disappointed in Dean. The season is young but I'm very curious to see how it plays out. I was never a fan of Derek or Taylor but somehow still find them adorable together. I still have no idea who is going to be the next Bachelor ... will they go rogue and pick someone formerly uninvolved with the franchise like they did back in the good old days? Time will tell!

4. My kids have heard how cool Alexa is from their classmates and it's 44% off at the moment - wonder if it will still be cool and relevant come Christmas? Group present?

5. I loved (!!) watching Kate's day in the life vlog and now I'm super tempted to attempt to copycat. I can barely manage the occasional IG story but ... stay tuned!

6. Okay, I'm on the prowl for a knockoff version of these (camel brown color) so if you've seen anything similar - let a mother know? thank you! I wore these all spring and summer and it shows but I'd like a sneaker-ish version for the fall and Florida "winter" ... (I did order these but they were too big and I just didn't love them SO back they went!)

7. Alright, it's movie night here at the Patton abode (Star Wars - yay) and I've got a whole lot of laundry to fold too. Happy, happy weekend!

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  1. Don't ever stop blogging. The mini-hiatus was bad enough@

  2. I bought these in a camel color last year at Nordstrom Rack. It seems they don't have a camel color this year, but they have a nude color. Maybe the stores still have some of the camel color ones though?

  3. Oh! I found the ones I have at 6pm.

  4. Please never drift into blog neverland. I love instagram but kinda hate all other socials. You have my blog allegiance now and for evermore.

    Australia is not airing this season of BIP sadly! But Dean?! Hope it turns around!

  5. Alexa (full size and dot) can be used as intercoms. We have one downstairs and one in our son's room. Saves from having to shout up/downstairs.

  6. I'm reading a book right now that I think you would like too -- One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Have you read anything be her? It's a pretty quick read.

  7. Grace, thought of you when I saw these (plus there may be a couple others on the Olukai site that would work):

    Or these from Taos:

  8. If your blog ever goes into oblivion like it several months (years?) ago I will go into a mild depression. Don't ever stop!



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