(wedding) Bells in Buffalo

24 August 2017

This past weekend Simon, Bosco, Abe, and I had the great pleasure of attending the nuptials of our good friend and Bosco's godmother Caitlin's wedding in Buffalo. My mom and Aunt Heidi were kind and generous enough to fly in and watch the oldest four who have yet to stop talking about what a fun weekend they had sans parentals. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have more photos of Caitlin and Chris's wedding on my phone than I have of my own wedding on my computer. And I have A LOT of wedding photos. It was a tough job but I narrowed them down to a normal number. Normalish number.


Bosco was the ring bearer (no rings involved - for the safety and well being of said rings) and while he is my own flesh and blood I have to admit that I thought he was pretty cute playing his strenuous role ...

A closer look? I thought you'd never ask.

We had to get some snaps of Bosco and Emma in the event that they are required in a wedding slideshow in ~25 years or so ...

This is how Bosco shows affection ...

Emma was a good sport - blue ribbon/gold medal/massive trophy for her patience.

But, back to the couple of the hour/weekend ...

How cool is this? If they don't frame and hang it in their home - I will.

The wedding reception was at a newly remodeled (restored?) insane asylum which was a lot less scary than it sounds - only because we weren't staying on the wing with the barred windows and abandoned cells (you think I'm kidding? would I ever?) ...

My cellular camera would only capture about 20% off the entire complex - it went on and on and ON.

Some interior shots ...

it was light, bright, and a serious IGers dream come true with all the white, white, and white.

Off track again, Patton.

Rewind to the rehearsal dinner where Abe cried almost the entire time (so unlike him! Don't all parents say that when their kids cry excessively or toddlers throw down some super bratty behavior?) ...

Bosco was actually pretty good aside from throwing a huge tantrum over wanting me to pour my gin and tonic into his sippy (I didn't give in - pats on the back please and thank you) and eventually found some kids watching a show on a phone and made himself RIGHT at home.

I was 99.9% sure he wouldn't go down the aisle at all but he surprised me and marched right down during both the rehearsal and actual wedding ...

Yes, he had the help of an iron fist (to his right) to assist him but still ... color me surprised. He's got another wedding on his busy docket in October so lets hope he gives a copy/paste - repeat performance.

(side note - if anyone needs a similar little boys' outfit to the one he wore - I found his here and she shipped it SUPER fast. I'm a paying customer aka #notsponsored - just had to mention and save you minutes of googling if you've got a shorts/suspenders sized hole that needs filling in your life) 

Caitlin had the thoughtful and wonderful foresight to find sitters for the parents with kids in attendance and I have to admit that it was REALLY nice knowing the kids were one floor below asleep and in great hands while we imbibed and requested Despacito mucho time-os.

I ran into a fellow Collower ... the lovely Pam. And naturally we had to take 56 photos. Here's one ...

Simon and Grace had the horrific and stupid foresight to book their return flight for 6am the following morning. We ALMOST didn't make it and I've never wanted to beg an Uber driver to speed it UP on the drive to the airport more than at 5:15 in the am on Sunday. Spoiler: we did make it. As did our bags and I believe that we've used up our one and only lifetime miracle because we cut it reallyclose.

Not that I've ever been to a wedding where the couple doesn't seem unbelievably happy and well suited for each other but it was so apparent how complementary Chris and Caitlin are. Their family and friends gave wonderful toasts that gave great insight into their relationship and Chris will be happy to know that he's got the Camp's coveted seal of approval as I always knew Caitlin would marry someone very special and she did!

I wish we could go back and do it all over again - not because traveling with two kids felt like a glorified honeymoon compared to flying with the whole crew ...

... but because it was so much fun and both families did such a phenomenal job of hosting the rehearsal dinner and reception and we felt so lucky to be in attendance.

practicing his fake smile on the way to Buffalo ...

... luckily I don't think he pulled that one out for the professional photos but I guess time will tell.

Anyway - Bosco's rates are great if anyone is in need of a bearer of rings that may or may not make it down the aisle. 1-800-bad-joke - give us a call.

My mom did a great job of keeping us abreast of the goings on back at the Camp ...

the kids taking their golf lessons VERY seriously.

And they even braved taking everyone to the beach ...

... the girls in matching suits and ALL. Bravo!

Congratulations to Caitlin and Chris!! Come visit! We'll only make you babysit for a few fun-filled hours ;)


  1. Bosco in his suspender shorts + saddle shoes- SO cute!
    Also, any idea where the flower girl dresses are from, per chance? :)

  2. Long time reader, since Theo was a newborn, and that's our Church!

    Don't know the bride and groom though . . .

  3. They live in DC - you'd probably recognize the bride's parents :)

  4. Those shoes on Bosco, Adorable!!! well done Pattons

  5. Beautiful wedding! We just moved to Buffalo from Kansas this summer- I used to love seeing your Wichita posts. I hope you had a wonderful time in Buffalo!

  6. The golf! You always make me laugh. Thanks for blogging and sharing your life.

  7. I just moved to Buffalo. I have some great pictures of the Richardson Olmstead Complex i.e. the old psych center shrouded in fog. Super creepy. But its cool to see what it looks like inside.

  8. I'm from upstate NY Buffalo is amazing!




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