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20 May 2016

I have absolutely nothing exciting or even remotely exciting to report but that's never (ever!!!) stopped me before so I'm joining Kelly once again.

1. I was so SO excited to see Jenna's post this morning. I agree with all of her sentiments.

2. The other morning the three middle kids weren't getting along and having a rough go at life in general and so even though we had just eaten breakfast I scrounged up three lone popsicles (meant to be!) in the freezer and sent them to the porch because I'm a rebel like that. I'm sure I sent a terrible, "rewarding bad behavior" message but it sort of reset and redirected the formerly terrible tone of the morning and why do I think you care?

Well, feign care a little bit longer for the photographic evidence ...

I promise they were all dressed.

fun fact (that I may have already told you): all the kids have blue eyes but Phoebe has green (or so Simon says -- I see a hint of blue there ... )

moving on!

3. Ever wonder what happened to Mandy Moore? Me neither BUT maybe you've seen it floating around Facebook (because it broke a crazy viewing record) and if you're going through Parenthood withdrawals this show looks promising. I wasn't a Parenthood superfan but it got me through many a nightfloat months and laundry piles and I never missed an episode so I was probably one step below. Anyway, I think it will be GOOD. I hope.

4. We're taking not one but two trips by way of plane this summer over the span of two weeks and many-a-flights with all the kids will be taken ... or at least that's the plan. I'm just preparing for the worst and praying REAL hard for the best. I'll take any tips if you've got them but I'm going to make sure and bring these for the four oldest kids because they all love them and ... no mess (or in Phoebe's case ... very minimal mess).

5. Speaking of Phoebe she's been waking up and telling me with a cackle that she's going to be, "bad!" that day. Self fulfilling prophecy or not ... it's always nice to start the day off on such a positive note.

6. Did you watch the Grey's finale last night? I read the synopsis (I know! why?) and I'm excited to watch tonight.

7. I hope you have a great weekend! We're going to a pool party with the kids and Julia has it in her head that Simon and I will be doing a lot of dancing (?) so I'm going to have to tuck my beloved mini cube of Moscoto into our cooler so as not to let her down. I guess.



  1. I've been working REALLY hard on differentiating between bad attitudes and bad choices with my little... and popsicles to cure a case of the grumps is totally brilliant!

  2. What?! I've watched that trailer like 5 times and never realized it was Mandy Moore. Ha. It does look like a winner though!

  3. If you don't know the wonder that is Crayola Color Wonder markers, you need to get you some, pronto. Got us through MANY, MANY a trip. Markers with colorless ink that only show up on the drawing pad. Magic, I tell you. And you can buy all kind.s

  4. I watched Greys!! I shamelessly volunteer for any and all greys discussing!

  5. Any time we get a baby sitter my son says that we are "going dancing." Which has never happened but if it makes him happy to imagine us out dancing so be it. And we see Mandy Moore as Rupunzel in Tangled all.the.time right now, so I wasn't super concerned over her whereabouts. She's in a tower with a chameleon. Obvi.

  6. Just sobbing over that preview over hereeeee

  7. Just sobbing over that preview over hereeee

  8. Have you seen this ranking of JoJo's guys by their shirts in their cast pics? I thought you would like it! :)

    1. Speaking of JoJo, I wouldn't be the tiniest bit upset if you threw some Bachelorette recaps our way!

  9. My kids (2 & 4) really like Boogie Boards - those electronic writing pads. I tied the pens on and it get rid of the need for so much paper and writing utensils.
    We fly a lot and I make them both carry a small backpack - it has a few snacks, a toy or two, boogie board and a couple small cheap gifts wrapped up to open on the plane. They only get to open one each flight.
    The best one this time was a magnetic go fish I found at world market.
    Pez dispensers are also a big hit usually. And they both have kindles fires with head phones.
    We don't mess around.

  10. Thanks for always making me laugh!!

  11. I <3 that little Phoebe vixen. :)

  12. It's funny that you mention Mandy Moore, because the other day, my friend Chelsea, who's a fitness instructor in LA was introducing herself to some new students and she saw a girl who looks like Mandy Moore! She went up to introduce herself and had this conversation:

    Chelsea: Hey guys, nice to meet you! I'm Chelsea.
    Him: I'm Taylor.
    Her: I'm Mandy.
    Chelsea: ..I'm a big fan...

    So apparently Mandy Moore has disappeared to take fitness classes in LA :)


  13. Find something for them to chew or maybe suck on for the plane trips the ear pressure will drive you and them crazy. Good I remember those days ... Lol



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