highs and lows

24 May 2016

I feel like I'm setting some new records for boring content these days but it's good to keep the bar niiiiice and low, I suppose. It makes the rest of the blogs look better ... color me selfless.

We've got some trivial highs and some seriously first world problem lows. Ready? Let's go.


1. This is probably an every day occurrence in your home but it's almost sad to admit how elated I was when everyone ate dinner (tacos - nothing fancy, as usual) without complaint the other night. Oh, Phoebe pawned a chunk of her tortilla off on Bosco and Bosco promptly threw it on the ground but everyone else? Ate! Without telling me that such and such makes their stomach hurt or that they no longer like this particular food they used to love. It's the little things, really. How to Raise a Peck of Non-Picky Eaters: A Mom Memoir will be hitting stores .... never. Worry not.

2. As mentioned last week, we went to a pool party over the weekend and you can't know how happy I was to find that the hosts had hired a lifeguard for the afternoon. So thoughtful! Now, did this mean that Simon and I chucked our young into the water and waltzed in the house to do a round of shots followed by keg stands? No. But, it was nice knowing there was a second set of eyes on the kids who seem to possess no fear when it comes to the water - no matter how deep.

3. In that same vein, we totally lucked out and slid into some of the last swimming lesson spots for the kids' skill levels this summer. Julia tells everyone that will listen that she can swim and dive but I'm not sure the abilities to doggy paddle with a puddle jumper and jumping feet first into the kiddie pool do a swimmer/diver make. I'm crossing my fingers that no one suddenly develops velcro-to-mom's-leg syndrome when game time arrives but you know I'll keep you posted either way.

4. I've typed about my love for two-ingredient pancakes before and I still love them but I've started adding a scoop of protein powder, chia seeds, and a little almond milk and it makes all the difference. They tast a lost less eggy and the kids love them too which is nice because they loathed them before which was understandable, to be honest (or tbh as the internet says these days).

5. Bosco's claps ...

he's a one trick pony but he's good for boosting your confidence. All day, every day.

And now for the LOWS ...

1. The other evening Simon and I decided we were going to be the fun and spontaneous parents that we rarely to never are and take the kids for an evening swim on a whim. We got everyone ready, gathered all the towels/sunscreen/EVERYTHING, and made the twenty minute drive to the pool ... that we soon discovered was closing in 10 minutes. The kids kept their riots to a dull roar but it's a mistake we'll only make once. I hope.

2. The other day I finally made the drive out to a consignment (clothing and furniture!) store I keep hearing great things about. I had an empty minivan and a little mental list of things I was hoping to find for the house when I pulled up to the store to find it closed on that particular day. Of course! And sooo I decided to make the short drive over to Ikea (maybe my second favorite thing about Tampa after the weather) where I found a plant for a planter I'd found over on The Haul (cart before the horse, always!). I got to the register and was told that I'd grabbed the display plant that was very much not for sale. Woe is me, I know. 

3. I'm going to persevere through this but Phoebe is really putting up an impressive fight over her afternoon nap that keeps me sane most days. I'm sure the other kids did this around the same age or so I'm telling my foggy memory and frustrated self. I would just let it go if I knew it mean an earlier bedtime but she runs full steam ahead until her usual bedtime with or without the nap so I'm going to keep fighting the good and necessary fight. If I suddenly stop blogging completely ... you'll know that she's won the war.

4. Jojo's season of The Bachelorette premiered last night and I haven't gotten to watch it yet but I'm going to rectify that for at least a few glorious minutes right NOW. (maybe more of a high? time will tell ... )

happy, happy Tuesday. 


  1. Okay, I almost woke the kids up when I read that you grabbed the display plant, because that store is so flippin' huge and to have to walk all the way back... I hope they got one for you.

    Also, Iggy did that nap strike thing for almost 5 months. But I'm a mean boss, and back to naps and grumpy wake ups he went.

    I'm looking forward to the kids bedtime to watch a little Jojo. My husband and I engage in a little mutual torture during Bachelor/Bachelorette time. He's forced to watch. I'm forced to listen to his commentary.

  2. My kid's 4.5 and I'm clinging to nap time for dear life. I'm like, "I don't even care if you actually nap, just go in your room, be really quiet, and HUMOR ME." I guess I'm a mean boss, too. ;)

  3. I love this kind of post. Old school blogging where I get to know you. Not all polished up. Apart from the baby mine only nap in the car usually and I miss the family nap time.

  4. So my baby girl started nap striking right after she turned 2 but her 4 year old brother does quiet time so I made her do the same... Bc I'm mean and also have a 9 month old. 4 months later she is back to sleeping during said quiet time. So glad I didn't just throw in the towel! Tell her it's quiet time and give her some boring books to look at in the dark!;)

  5. I actually love this type of post - it makes me realize I'm not alone in the day to day craziness of parenting. I'm so glad that you are blogging again!

  6. My daughter is almost 6 and we still have nap time. We've just switched to calling it "rest time" and apparently the change in semantics did the trick.

    Bosco looks just like Theo in that angry face picture. Too cute!

    Speaking of swim lessons - any suggestions on how to convince a 5 year old that getting her hair wet is okay? She's thrilled about lessons but isn't down with the whole hair thing... *Sigh*

  7. I feel like I'm a little late to say this, but I am so happy you are back and blogging again! Your posts always give me a good laugh.

  8. Agree that these types of posts are not boring, but actually comforting and entertaining (in a I can completely relate kind of way). Also any post that has photos of cutie-pie Bosco are a treat!

  9. Oh boy, can I relate to a lot of these highs and lows;) I want to jump up and down for joy when everyone likes what I make. They are constantly changing their minds about things they like and then get mad at me when I don't remember. Come on, you don't like pizza because it has sauce!? Wow, alive guard at a party is such a great idea. I never can enjoy myself because I'm always scanning the water. I feel you on the nap time strike. My two year old has been refusing his naps then falling asleep at 5 and you know what that means:( oh and I've done that before at! I need to make a trip there soon.


  10. Ugh, my daughter is fighting nap, too. She's about 3 and like Phoebe, she can power through bedtime no problem.



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