battle of the B's

06 May 2016

as in ... Bash and Bosco.

Even the grandparents' eyes might glaze over with this post but ... it's never stopped a motherblogger before, unfortunately.

In a never ever ever ending effort to consolidate the gross amount of digital photos I've taken and stored (no, I don't neeeeed 19 photos of that one night we visited Simon on call back in 2013 because we have 25 photos from two nights LATER etc etc etc) I'm always going back and combing through the photo e-archives which makes you fresh out of memory lane luck because that's where we're going today.

May of 2012, here we come.

You'd think the boys would've worn a lot of the same baby clothes but I run a tight (maybe a little too tight) ship as far as purging and donating goes but this little romper number I thrifted made it through the, "not stained, not ripped, not meant to be worn in the dead of a St. Louis winter" test and I think it was already too cold by the time this would've fit Theo but Bosco! He's in luck because it fits him quite nicely right now.

You're probably tired of me saying how much I think Bosco resembles Sebastian but their baby photos?

(Bosco, 10.5 months)

(and Sebastian -- 6.5 months)

related but not the twins I peg them for in my crystal clear memory.

Bosco's "I'll fake a grin but please stop snapping photos" look ...

Sebastian's was less subtle ...

And then I saw these photos of Julia and realized that by some miracle - that same (also thrifted - St. Louis had the best secondhand stores) frock was sitting pretty (and slightly too short) in Phoebe's drawer so I couldn't help myself ...

(Julia 20 months aka almost two)

I don't know if it's the hair or the extra four months but I feel like Phoebe looks like a teenager in comparison ...

(Phoebe freshly 2 years old)

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing I was so chop-happy with Julia's hair.

I've yet to touch Phoebe's but her life is young.

If Phoebe is wearing Julia's sparkly flops and sees me taking a photo -- it's like a reflex because she busts out an immediate foot pop.

And with that I'll wish you a very happy weekend and promise that next week we'll revisit June of 2012 photo albums in great, great detail.

Prime your party hats, accordingly. 


  1. I'm sure this could be another post :) But how do you organize/keep digital photos. I so need to do this! Thanks!

  2. K I had forgotten how much I LOVED Julia's little bob-ish hair. Her face is feminine enough to pull it off and it was too adorable.

    Bosco and Bash are total twinners. Like whoa.

  3. The boys totally look alike! I am constantly trying to find pictures of my kids that possibly make the case that they are related. I think Odette looks like Ace as a baby, but I am the only person that thinks that! HA!

  4. I love comparing pics of my kids at the same age- sometimes I think they're like twins and in other photos, not so much. So fun though!

  5. Those pigtails! So cute and adorable!

  6. I love this post! So cute to compare photos!

  7. Phoebe should be a fashion blogger 😂 She's already got the poses down!

  8. What were your favorite St. Louis second-hand stores??!! Do tell!

  9. The boys look so much alike! My kids are definitely siblings, but none are twins.

  10. It's so funny - my two oldest look IDENTICAL in their baby pictures, until they are about 2 years old. So much so that we can't tell them apart unless the photos have dates, or some other defining something in the picture. Now, they look nothing alike. Definitely brothers, but very different.

  11. I keep thinking I have a favorite Patton child until I see a photo of the next one. They are the cutest! And you've inspired me to organize clothes and photos today, thanks Grace.

  12. Wow! Totally twinners! And LOVE Phoebe's foot pop! Hilarious!

  13. This post is just totally adorable! I love the comparisons and yes, Phoebe does look like a teenager in comparison. wow!

  14. Ah! This is awesome! I posted a nearly identical post on the same day (as you say -- it's never stopped a motherblogger before...!)

    Genetics are wild, eh?
    my deja babies -- here



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