wayback wednesday: Seattle

23 March 2016

Way, WAY back in October Simon had a work conference in Seattle and since I've always wanted to visit Seattle or Portland (or jackpot: both!) I tagged along. It felt almost as footloose and fancy-free as a kidless getaway because my mom so kindly and generously flew out and watched the four older kids with the help of my la-la-la-lengthy single-spaced notestructional novella and we brought the non-verbal four month along for the ride. 

I remember back when we flew from Kansas to Buffalo with three-month-old Julia to one of Simon's residency interviews it felt ... taxing and anything but relaxing. But this time where my umbrella clad drink at? Because paradise in the skies was ours. 

Perspective ... you funny little thing. 

Gilligan and guardian ...

I may or may not have told you how much Simon loves public transportation. But, I'm telling you now that he loves it and takes advantage whenever he can. So, he was in heaven. 

Gratuitous market sign shot ...

You'll never believe that my cellular snaps aren't fulling capturing the beauty of the Seattle surroundings but ... they're not.

I remembered that Jenna and Blythe had gone to this coffee shop when they were in Seattle and so of course I had to copycat.

I'm not a coffee snob or connoisseur and I made the mistake of asking if they had any flavored syrup and got the unamused stare and dee-ny. No, syrups are not for purists, G-unit.

A few people sang the praises of this little bakery and they sang right. It was so good and I've thought about the chocolate pastry of all chocolate pastries often since October. Too often.

Did I think back to Catherine's hometown date with Sean many, many times when we were walking around?

Probably. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about ... you're a better person than I.

And I think this is from the flight in since we took a redeye back to Tampa but we'll pretend it's a nice goodbye snap.

of note:

+ we got to our hotel WAY too early to check in but Bosco was ready for a nap and I was ready for some cable tv while Simon went on his merry conference way so we went anyway and not only did they let us check in early but they gave us a ridiculous free upgrade to a suite more than three times the size of one of my apartments of yesteryear.

+ one night we went to a seafood restaurant down by the water and while waiting for our table we grabbed a drink at the bar. I was wearing Bosco and was kindly asked to step out one foot to my right so that I didn't technically have a baby in a bar. Ooops.

+ you know I'm a lover of hot, hot weather but coming off of several months of humidity I thought I might appreciate the colder evenings in Seattle. Nope. It dipped down to 50 one night (crying laughing emoji) and my teeth started chattering and I was already apologizing to Florida for anticipating a humidity reprieve.

+ We were able to hit up the Starbucks Roastery where they DID have an abundance of syrups and coffee concoctions I would never to dream up outside of Seattle.

+ I could type a baker's dozen more bullets here but we're ringing in Holy Thursday eve with an abundance of rather violent flu of the stomach variety and so ... I'll just say that I can't wait to go back when the kids are (much!) older so that we can take in more of the sights.

I hope you all have a blessed Triduum and I'll see you on the flip side.
If we survive.



  1. You are so beautiful!! I also made that mistake at a purist coffee shop in OKC once. Oopsie :)

  2. So glad you were able to spend some time here! We moved to Seattle almost 3 years ago, and it really is a unique place--stunningly beautiful, when it's not grey and rainy. I was raised in the South, so I'm not completely used to the cold either. It feels wrong (just wrong!) to have the heater on in late March. Although my 5-year-old struts around in shorts like it's nbd....

  3. We live across Puget Sound and love going into Seattle. Looks like you hit up some good things!

  4. My current home! It sounds like you hit the highlights for a quick trip. Come back again soon!

  5. I have also been asked to step out of he bar, but I did give a little sass about it ;) haha.

  6. Ah! There was a chance you could've been my neighbor here in Buffalo! I realize it's not nearly warm enough for you in the winter, but that would've been cool for this would-be-stalker. Ohandalso, I went to Portland last month for work - it's a super awesome city!

  7. Yes, I did not get your Sean and Catherine date reference and read it a few times, I appreciate the follow up comment so I didn't wonder if I was losing my mind......not a better person, just a more clueless one. Seattle looks pretty, maybe I will add it to my bucket list.

  8. SO with you on loving hot/humid weather. I want to live in the north because I love the culture, but I need my hot summers.

  9. Seattle is my most favorite!! (and Portland is a hot second!) My mom is a flight attendant and whenever she goes back, she still goes down to the market for Beecher's cheese.

  10. Hi Grace! I adore your blog--so glad you're back! I just posted a recap of a Seattle trip in the form of what I'd do in Seattle in a day with lots of similar ideas at I didn't remember the Catherine/Sean reference (oops!), but I definitely found the Real World pier ;)

  11. Hi Grace! I adore your blog--so glad you're back! I just posted a recap of a Seattle trip in the form of what I'd do in Seattle in a day with lots of similar ideas at I didn't remember the Catherine/Sean reference (oops!), but I definitely found the Real World pier ;)

  12. so so sorry about the barfs. Such cute pics and LOVE that it was like a total vaca with only one kid, right?? Happy Trid, girl!

  13. love LOVE Seattle with kids--we have one who flies in for medical care and so he and I go down to Virginia Mason frequently-- I always try to plan fun things around the hospital stay, you'll have SO much fun when you go with kids! That Bosco is adorable!

  14. No!! Not stomach bugs! I guess you've got your penitential part figured out for the next few days. I hope it passes by Easter!

    And love the recap!

  15. St. Louis is my real home, but Seattle is where I currently live! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. It is such a beautiful part of the country, but certainly harder to enjoy when the weather isn't as nice!

  16. Hope the stomach bug makes a quick exit!

  17. I met you in the Seattle airport when my creepy hubby flagged you guys down to take a fan girl pic! Thanks again for being such a good sport. Hope the stomach bug passes quickly... It seems like it's not a holiday unless someone ends up sick. Happy Triduum!

  18. Oh you were in my hometown! My dad captains the ferries. ;) Even reading your post makes me miss go back someday. And head east to Kirkland, Bellevue and Snoqualmie. ;)



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