Friday on a Monday ...

07 March 2016

I meant to go the traditional and punctual route and link my links up with Kelly on Friday but ... what excuse shall I pull out of my fat vat of excuse soup with my lazy ladle? All of them (visiting family! sick kids! had to paint my nails! a crashy computer!). None of them. I'll just own it and go the edgy and tardy route and post today. There's a lot of terrible out there on the internet but a there's a whole lot of wonderful too.

A tiny sampling from a few of my favorite females ...

1. I'm going to bet all my money that you've already read this stunning post by Laura. If not, click onward and grab some tissues. Plural.

2. Britt opened an Etsy shop! Definitely grabbing a cow (cattle?) print for the boys' room.

3. I'm not really tempted do another Whole30 but I loved reading Katey's take on her experience. And I love her blog too.

4. Speaking of food ... I rarely use the word inspired BUT I have been so inspired by Julie's food prep/healthy eating discipline (by way of her snapchat and IG and periscope ... social media queen) and I'm SO glad she's blogging a series.

5. And Julie gets two takes because she's killing (slaying? MASSACRING?) it lately and her post on postpartum depression ... so good.

6. All these women writing/doing all these wonderful things and I'm just patting myself on the back for finding some lightweight momppropriate but not capri length denim shorts. It takes all kinds.

7. Aaaaaand last/least ... are you team Jojo or team Lauren? In my perfect world Ben will pick Lauren and then Jojo would be the next bachelorette but it seems like Caila is going to earn that title? I feel lukewarm at best about that prospect but we all know I'll still watch like the little fiend that I am.

7.5 My favorite Bachelor podcasts ... AfterBuzz, Here To Make Friends, and Juliet Litman on Channel 33.

And now I'm going to listen to Pinocchio Sebastian tell me all about the whale he saw at the beach on Saturday. Apparently, it was riding a bicycle.

Manic Monday. Minus the manic and plus the chill and imagination.

Hope your Monday is going just as swimmingly.


  1. Oh the tears for Laura. I'm expecting my first child and reading that was so heartbreaking and beautiful.

  2. Love the list of links, thanks for the distraction with a traveling husband. ;)

  3. Team Lauren for sure! And please, no on Caila being the next Bachelorette. Just no.

  4. I feel the EXACT same way about the Lauren/Jojo situation - I think Lauren + Ben forever, and Jojo would be so fun to watch as the bachelorette!!

    1. yes! I'm just wondering IF she doesn't "win" if the turnaround is too tight? the things I ponder ... haha

  5. So many hearts for Laura. I totally get the joy and the heartache. ❤️

  6. Grace!! Thanks so much for this! Julie's article is amazing, and those shorts...I love them!

  7. Team Lauren B from the beginning!! Like her all the way around. Liked Caila but please no on the Bachelorette. I'd prefer to see Lauren H as the next Bachelorette! Love the links...thanks!!

  8. I want Lauren for Ben. I really like JoJo, but I see Lauren with him more. I love Caila, but I'm not positive she'd be a good bachelorette. JoJo would be more exciting!

  9. I feel like Ben will pick Lauren. He seems so smitten with her. I also want JoJo as the next bachelorette. I hope bachelor nation will beg/demand JoJo be the next bachelorette. I feel like she deserves it after Ben told her he loves her and made her feel safe.



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