alleluia, indeed

27 March 2016

One of these days I'll snag some semblance of a framer.


I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful Easter. I would say we're keeping things low key but we always keep things low key when it comes to holidays and so ... we're keeping things normal. The Easter Bunny brought candy and green pepper seeds (Sebastian has been on a "grow vegetables" kick and I recently found him burying spinach leaves in the back yard) and the kids were beyond thrilled. In a rare twist of morning fortuity Phoebe slept in until 10am (all of the !!!!!!!!!'s) and missed our little egg hunt which was most definitely for the best. Simon took the four roosters out to grab a coffee for the resident, "given up coffee eight times for lent and finally stuck to it on the ninth try" female. Ahem. Simon has been on call all weekend but the beauty of fellowship is that call means: pager call so he's been around and we made it to Mass on time with minimal parking drama. Wins all around.

In lieu of a family photo (no photographer on the fly) we tried to do girls and boys which worked out well ...

an unwilling Phoebe was happy to jump in with the boys ...

and offered a winning smile.

Noted, Phoebe. Very much noted.

Julia told us during Mass that she wished she was four (cut off age for the nursery) no fewer than four times and Theo all but threw himself on the ground (see top photo) in protest when he realized that there were no post-church donuts to be had because there is nothing Theo loves more. Solidarity, T.

And now I'm going to try my best to ignore the leftover Reese's Eggs taunting me from their pantry haunt while I sneak some pages of my book before tackling Easter dinner prep (not ham or lamb ... sorry tradition) while the kids nap.

Happy Easter!!


  1. We're having some very non-traditional flank steak, so I'm with you! And I'm still waiting on a frameable picture for us... At this point I'll take "nobody picking their nose" but this year was apparently not the year for that. Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter! nontraditional here as well... Thank you hubs for treating us to Thai lunch (he said don't worry about cooking! high five) and then we are having left overs for dinner.
    very low key. :)

  3. Bosco's face in the first one makes it a framer. We didn't get a family photo either, ha! Happy Easter, Pattons!

  4. Our family photo was taken at arm's length with my terrible phone camera so, ya know. Solidarity!

  5. That top picture IS a framer! Julia's like "I think I'm happy... maybe," and Bosco looks soooo cute!

  6. I personally vote that the first one is totally a framer!

  7. You look so pretty - love that dress! Lol at the girls/boys pics :) :) Happy Easter!

  8. Alright Grace, you got me. I'll pick up at the Water's Edge and give it another try!

  9. Theo in the first picture..... bahahahaha!! That face just kills me. And the Reese's eggs are playing their siren song at my house, too, but they are beaten out by the homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls that I have been in ALLLLLL weekend.

  10. I think I noticed in perusing old posts that you have some ties to Wichita. We lived there for two years (had our 5th baby there) and can I just say that the Donut Whole made me feel like there are no other donuts in the entire universe worthy of consumption. We're back home in Iowa City, PTL, but there is crap for donuts here. -- that whole bunny trail was due to Theo's donut drama. I get it. Donuts are life, especially in the midst of post church hunger pangs. 👊🏼

  11. Julia and Sebastian are getting so tall! I'm with you on the doughnuts, Theo. Fist bump through the computer.

  12. Bosco for MVP... Most Valuable Patton! What an absolute nugget in that first pic!



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