chat with Bash

11 December 2014

 photos taken by Mallorie Owens 
 with Simon's family over Thanksgiving

Illustrating what a fine parenting job we're doing on the biblical story fact front ...
Grace: What do you want to do today, Bash?
Bash: (taps mouth and furrows brow) hmmm
Bash: maybe, build an ark?
Grace: okay ...
Bash: yeah, let's build an ark like Jesus did

Watching me do my super frequent and favorite chore: vacuuming ...
Bash: hey!!
Grace: what?
Bash: only Daddy uses that!!!

The battle hymn of one entire morning ...
Grace: okay, it's time to cut your hair
Bash: no thanks
a little bit later
Grace: okay, let's cut your hair now
Bash: no, not today
a little bit later
Grace: let's just get your haircut done real fast
Bash: no, it makes my tummy hurt
and a little bit later
Grace: okay, let's get you ready for your nap
Bash: oh, you want to cut my hair now? 

Showing off his refined and mature sense of humor ...
Grace: what sounds good for lunch?
Bash: (cackle) how about a peanut butter and dammit sandwich?
Grace: what else sounds good?
Bash: (sigh) fine, I'll just have peanut butter and poop toast

The other morning while I was still in bed and very much asleep ...
Bash: excuse me Mommy
Grace: (sleeping)
Bash: hello Mommy
Grace:  (sleeping)
Bash: hi Mommy
Grace: (fake sleeping)
Bash: excuse me Mommy
Grace: (fake sleeping)
Bash: hello Mommy
Grace: (fake sleeping)
Bash: Mommy?
Grace: (opens one eye)
Bash: Oh!!! You're awake!!

Trying to shamelessly copycat Julia's incessant requests for bathroom "privacy" but missing the exact word mark just slightly ...
Bash: ahhh!!! need to go to the bathroom!!
Grace: okay, let's go!
in bathroom
Bash: excuse me Mommy, can you please close the door and give me some private parts?
Grace: sure, no problem


  1. Love it! Especially the haircut one. My son is 4 and he HATES it when I cut his hair.

  2. Oh my word, so cute :)
    My 3-year-old hates haircuts too. You'd think I was stabbing her with the scissor blades, not trimming off dead cells!! >.<

  3. Peanut butter and dammit sandwich. I'm dead.

  4. My brother used to follow my Dad in the bathroom (and sit on his lap!) but sometimes my Dad would tell him he needs his privacy. So when my brother started using the bathroom he would tell everyone he needs his propacy.

  5. He is so hilarious! What a sweetie!

  6. LOL. Great! My 2 year old will come in my room and say "Mommy wake up!" If I pretend to sleep, he goes into his little brother's room & wakes him up. It's a lose-lose situation over here. I'm not a fan of interupted sleep. Toddlers don't care

  7. Oh man, that first picture.. what a little heart breaker!

    Maybe Sebastian was just being really philosophical with the first quote and meant a new ark of the covenant... ? Haha love these posts!

  8. This is my favorite part of Camp Patton... conversation with the little campers

  9. Oh Bash...I so needed to laugh. Thank you sweet boy. Loving that awesome hair cut!!

  10. Aww, kids are so cute! I laughed at all of these, but especially the noah's ark situation :)

  11. We don't hear enough about Bash. Please give us more! Of course, all your kids are super adorable.

  12. Adorable!!! I've recently started writing down the little conversations I have with Madeleine, I just love the funny little things she comes up with! We're big on negotiations around here too (the haircut scene) and so long as I can find something less appealing to eat/do/see/touch/drink then we are in business!! x

  13. I just read a few of these to my husband and we were both cracking up laughing at them. And then we went back in time and read some of the other Sebastian says posts and lucked some more.

  14. i think i'm going to request a peanut butter and dammit sandwich from my husband this morning. that's solid!

  15. Can't decide between the vacuum or haircut ones for my faves!

  16. Dying over the vacuum!! So funny. Last night Ryan told me he was going to go see "if Daddy is my father" ... I feel like we are on Maury!

  17. I love the kid conversation posts! Ha! :)

  18. I am seriously a broken record here but your kids SAY THE FUNNIEST THINGS. FUNNIEST. Please make a coffee table book out of them so I can have my Christmas gifts taken care of for the next 10 years or so.

  19. Love. Everyone needs them to give them some private parts. Obvs

  20. good goodness what perfect pics!



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