10 May 2019

1. The sun came out today but the boys thoroughly enjoyed this weeks weather which was just much of the above picture. Sun, hear my prayer/plead and please stick around this time. Thank you.

2. The local news station did a story on John Francis and I think it's making its way around the country to other news outlets. I love how his super sweet demeanor shines even through FaceTime!

3. I have to confess that I'm still slowing making my way through Carnegie's Maid. I'm over half way through and I'm determined to finish but it just hasn't hit that easy stride quite yet. Simon stayed up LATE on a night he had to be up and at work super early in order to finish Where the Crawdads Sing and then said it was "just okay". I would believe him if he hadn't sacrificed his precious sleep to finish it. I still say it's great. I did just get Mary's new book (!!!) in the mail and am excited for the change of pace - it looks GOOD.

4. Simon and I watched the first episode of Dead to Me (on Netflix) and .... we're hooked I think? At least for another episode or two! I don't usually like dark humor but this was light enough to begin with that I think it'll be okay? We shall see! A movie that we did LOVE was Instant Family - it looks cheesy in the preview but it's super sweet and I highly recommend it!!

5. Clement will be five months old tomorrow and he's about to get kicked out of our room which has spurred a flurry of bedroom rearranging (put Abe in with the three older boys? To be determined ... and we're looking at a triple bunk for the older boys room. I've been pleasantly surprised at the variety (love the look of this one too) available but if you've seen or have one you love - let me know!

6. I ordered this dress to see if it would work for some family wedding rehearsal dinners this summer (feels a little too casual for a wedding reception? maybe not!). The color, cut, and sleeve length are all right up my alley. I also ordered these shorts taking advantage of LOFT's 40% off sale. I'll report back on both! I do expect breaths to be held and baited.

7. Everything is 50% off at J.Crew Factory. Simon asked me to buy him another pair of these pants because he wears them almost every time he has clinic. They wash and dry well and don't need to be ironed which is um - a must. He doesn't cuff them like the models but ... baby steps. I'm going on year million of loving a loose peplum anything and this shirt fits that bill quite nicely.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day!


  1. I personally hated Carnegie's Maid. (And loved Crawdads.) So I get the slogging for sure.

  2. This is the triple bunk we just got for our boys (sans dressers etc.) - we're really excited about it.

  3. Try Maine Bunk Beds Katahdin, Winter Harbor, or Boothbay triple bunks. Awesome quality and service. We got the Boothbay for our three guys that refuse to be separated into their own bedrooms.

  4. My 3 youngest were extras in Instant Family! You can see them walking past Mark Wahlburg on the bridge scene at the amusement park (look for a giant green teddy bear!).

  5. My husband has the exact same pant needs (also a doctor in clinic, also skinny, also allergic to the iron), so THANK YOU for sharing!

    side note: really wanting a lily jade bag with baby #3 coming next month. I know you had/have a shaylee at one point. can you put water bottles in those front pockets? I know the old ones were zip and the new ones are magnets, which would make it easier, but I'm not sure of the depth/stretch of the pockets. Thanks!

  6. Love the Boothbay triple bunk! I've never seen one set up like that, but it's looks one is too cramped.



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