pretty in pink

16 May 2019

Not that my finger is even kind of on the pulse of trends or fashion but I do know that sneakers (perhaps you prefer tennis shoes?) are having the moment of all moments. I keep seeing pretty pink sneaks pop up all over the place so after bookmarking several - here we are - blog post time.

1. Vans - truth be told I've been eying this pair of Vans but the pink ones have me rethinking my inaugural Vans purchase.

2. Blush Nikes - perhaps my favorite pair of the bunch because the shade of pink is perfect - like maybe I'll paint a room in the that same color because I love it so much.

3. New Balance - I've never regretted a New Balance shoe purchase and I don't doubt that these would be any different.

4. Adidas - I have this exact pair in white and light blue and really love them. They run about a 1/2 size big which worked out well when they were all that fit my super swollen post C-section feet.

5. Reeboks - I'm wondering if I could find the girls matching pairs of these because that my seal the deal (for me - not them, I'm sure).

6. Adidas NMD - These come in 19 (!!) different color combos but only some of the options are on sale. Boo.

7. Adidas Ultraboost - love these, hate the price.

8. Adidas - appreciate that these can just be slipped on and that they are on super sale (for today, anyway)

Curious if you have a favorite (my allegiance is with two and six)!!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. I have some blush pink Pumas similar to #1 that I love. BUT I don't wear them as often as I want to because my little kids step on my shoes ALL. THE. TIME. and make dirty grey smudges on the top and toes that I can't get off. Those dirty smudges are so obvious because of the light color of the shoe and it kinda drives me nuts. So now I only wear my pink pumas if I'm going somewhere without the kids.

  2. I had a grey and pink Adidas pair that I loved but they are finally dying! I love all of these!

  3. I own those exact pair of Ultraboost. I bought them a year and a half ago with Christmas money so the price was only partially cringeworthy. I LOVE them more than any pair of shoes I've ever owned and they've held up remarkably well (but I'm not a runner or anything). I have super high arches and my toes usually go numb with sneakers but not with the Ultraboost. I'd say if you have picky feet, they are totally worth it. If not, probably not.



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