like a lamb

31 March 2019

1. Walking into a night at the children's museum for a family friendly work dinner (thanks Simon!). The kids LOVED it and there were a bevy of adult beverages so the adults loved it too. Phoebe has declared that we should go on everyone's birthday from here on out -- we shall see, party planner P, we shall see.

2. Simon sprained his ankle playing basketball and is on "crunches" as Julia thought they were called (?! how we have failed her) for the foreseeable future. Abe is loving that Dad is forever in the perfect book reading position -- seated with an elevated foot and the rest of us are hoping it miraculously heals soon!

3. I finally started listening to Where the Crawdads Sing (am I the last person to do so? probably) and just wish I'd done so earlier because it is GOOD. I'm SO thrilled that Reese Witherspoon bought the rights to take it to the big screen and can't wait to see who gets cast and watch it come to life (trite as that may sound - ha).

4. I'm loving Rachael's little series of guest writers she's posting during her maternity leave. Rachael's blog is a wordsmith's delight and she's manage to curate quite the treat of a lineup that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

5. If you're looking for a little something to stick in your toddler/preschooler's Easter basket ... Abe (and Bosco - but Abe especially) is OBSESSED with this little set my mom gave him. Kids LOVE a good non-toy toy.

6. I was actually excited to tell you about a few things I bought and kept (a rarity) this week so here I go ...

+ it's not often that the steal beats the splurge but these Everlane knockoffs (the originals - which I have and like) but Old Navy .... you done good. They are lighter weight and so much better for summer/spring temps.

+ I've read and read and read how much people love this midnight recovery concentrate so I got a sample and kind of hate to say how much I love it too because it's not cheap. I'm going to be prudent and finish off the various oils I have first but - it's amazing.

+ These earrings are so cute and great quality for the price!

+ And finally this mist I mentioned last week is just as good as I'd hoped. Super natural looking, impossible to screw up, and doesn't smell like death (as they can).

7. It's been a long time since LOFT has done a 50% + free shipping sale (use code: CYBER) ... and they're doing one! Always lots to love but especially when it's all half off.

Boden is having a big spring sale plus an additional 20% off (only until tonight) with code: 4B9J. These are my favorite shirts for the boys because they last forever and look great right out of the dryer (even if they sat in said dryer for a few days, ahem). 

Alright, that's ALL. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!


  1. Thank you Grace! I have gotten a kick out of lining these posts up--perhaps I should have been a newspaper editor all along?? And wow-those Old Navy knock offs (of the knock off?) are amazing! xo.

  2. That Midnight recovery concentrate is amazing. I am still finishing my sample... Not sure when I will go and buy the real thing...



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