21 March 2019

1. If he looks like he's suddenly doubled in weight it's because he has. Almost. Almostish. He's in his happiest habitat that is his ... bedtime ruining catnap. It's becoming a bad habit that we'll have to sort out soon but for now - it's forgivable. Heart emoji.

2. The kids had their spring break last week and nothing like a little spring break time to realize I need to get my summer time plan in gear. Simon took some time off which was SO nice and overall we enjoyed the downtime but the Y membership we used almost daily back in Tampa is starting to sound like a smart summer move.

3. The weather is starting to turn and I don't use this word lightly so know that I mean it when I say it has been nothing short of GLORIOUS. Getting the little boys out for walks in the morning, thinking (thinking!) about replacing all the dead vegetation in our pots and planters (any easy flower recs very welcome), and trading out bulky coats for um - slightly less bulky outerwear has been real nice.

4. I'm not sure if you remember my little melanoma scare (well, not so much a scare as an actual diagnosis since cut out and left a nasty neck scar) last year? Probably not - as you shouldn't BUT I'm going to be turning into even more of a sunscreen/hat/long sleeve swimsuit freak than I was before but you know what? I still want a little (safe!) color and after hearing about it and reading many-a-review ... I grabbed this stuff and then saw that this primer is on super sale and talked myself into that too. This was a long paragraph to tell you those minor little details. I'll keep you posted what I think about them both!

5. I'm sad to say I've got no book recommendations this week because I've been a big fat slacker with absolute no excuse. I think I'm going to try listening to a book this next week because I do miss getting lost in a good or mediocre or even below average book!

6. If you're in the market for an Easter Basket (or two or more) - I always love World Market's selection. A lot of them don't look especially Easter-y (but plenty of them do!) and can be used to decorate in the off season which is always nice.

7. On the sale front -

a lot of LOFT's new arrivals are 40% off (also these 1/2 off sunglasses!!)

Old Navy continues to kill it (this jumpsuit is right up my alley) and ALL shorts are 50% off today (ordered these!)

Target's Who What Wear line is is 30% off and this cardigan looks and feels so much pricier than it is (button detail on the sleeves)!

Okay, that's all for now!!

Have a great Friday + weekend!!


  1. Do you have any favorite rash guard suits for the kids? Your talk of sunscreen and hats etc reminded me. THANK YOU



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