in like a lion

09 March 2018

... that means absolutely nothing here but it sounds like it's ringing true up north -- I hope you're staying safe and extra warm.

I wrote the vast majority of this meaning to publish it last Friday but here we are! Better late than never? I don't know in this case ... but I'm rolling with it.

1. Sebastian wins for most camera shy around here so when he asks me to take a photo of him and his mini me (this photo doesn't do the resemblance justice but just trust a mother) -- I play it cool and only take 345. Restraint, thy name is Grace.

2. Reporting back on the Amazon diapers! Yee haw. I'm giving them 4 out of 5 stars only because they seem to run a tiny bit small compared to other brands but other than that - I'm a fan. They rank rightbehind the Kirkland brand for us (only because of the size thing) and above all the other brands we've tried and I'm happy to have a good alternative to making the trek out to Costco in a pinch.

3. If you're missing the rom-coms of yesteryear, Netflix has a decent one right now. It's not the best of the best but it does the trick if you're in the mood for something light and fun. (But seriously, where have all the rom-coms gone?)

4. OKAY. I'm not even going to try to expound on the extent of my thoughts and feelings on the Bachelor finale but I'm thrilled for Becca and even though people are predicting a snooze of a season ... I'm here for it. Bring back the Higgins and Lowes, please ABC. Please! I loved Robert Mills take on everything on Juliet Litman's podcast and then Courtney over on Reality Steve's podcast too.

4.5 Simon texted me yesterday wondering if I'd heard of a new book out called Bachelor Nation that he'd heard about on NPR to which I had to admit I'd have it pre-ordered for months and was 18% in. It's good, so far. Lots of background and interesting tidbits for you OG Bachelor Nation members like myself.

5. J.Crew Factory dropped their new arrivals for spring yesterday and holy cute chambray pants. The girls lived in these tanks the past few summers and I love the look of these heart tanks as well. Will they probably have to endure matching wardrobes for the foreseeable future? Affirmative. Also, new arrivals usually means the clearance section get

6. I've been SO excited for the Living in Yellow x Gibson line because I've followed Erin's blog and loved her style for years. I trust her judgement and style and love how versatile everything is. Especially the joggers + striped long sleeve shirt. She has no idea who I am and did not ask me to post about it - an obvious disclosure.

7. And finally and most importantly I'm going to be selfish and solicit prayers for my Grandma (GG as my kids call her, or Gram as she has been lovingly referred to here over the years) and most avid blog reader. She suffered a stroke while visiting my parents in New Mexico last week after leaving our house here in Tampa and is also dealing with complications from the flu and pneumonia. She's the toughest swede you'll ever meet so we are so hopeful she'll pull through but any prayers you can spare are so very appreciated. Thank you!! 


  1. Hope your grandma is better soon. She's in my prayer.

  2. Saying some prayers for your Grandma!

  3. I just prayed for healing for your sweet Gram.

  4. Prayers for your Gram!

    And mom tip - you can order delivery from Costco via the Google Express app. Just discovered it. Game changer ��

  5. Prayers for GG! Also, according to Knox and Jamie of The Popcast podcast, rom-coms have become nearly extinct because of technology and social media. Blind date this weekend? Research the person like crazy beforehand and take out a ton of guesswork and surprise. Miscommunication about plans to meet up? Nope, because guaranteed both parties have their phones on their person at all times forever. Bump into an Ex who is now with someone new and it’s a total heartbreaker of a surprise? No, because that relationship status change was instantaneous on Facebook, and the resulting sobs in front of a phone screen while scrolling through photos of the new girlfriend don’t make for compelling cinema.

    Since the only movies to come out in the last handful of years have either been superhero movies, big budget Oscar contenders, or small indie films that no one ever hears about, I think the theory that technology killed the rom-com might be right.

  6. Prayers for GG.
    Also - what is the name of the Netflix romcom? The link wouldn’t work for me and I’m curious now.



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