25 February 2018

alright, alright.

I'm settling in for an edifying evening of entertainment via the Women Tell All so I thought I'd put the commercial breaks to good use (we recently purchased an antenna so a DVR is in our 2k25 future, maybe) here.

1. Disney week has come and gone! And by week I mean three days. My mom and grandma watched the two little boys so we could take the four oldest kids and we had a great time. I want to dedicate a whole post to our trip but have to say a quick and meaningful thankful to our valiant sitters for holding down the fort in our absence.

2. Anyway, back to my trash. Things are getting down to the FebruArie wire! At this point I can't see him not choosing Lauren but I've been a Becca K fan from day one so ... we shall SEE. I really enjoyed Sharleen's podcast with Reality Steve (spoiler free!) this week. She's just the best.

3. Two throwback trends I'm warming to now that they are probably on their way out ... culottes (like these and these) and chunky loafers (like these and these) but not necessarily together. I try to do the "could I wear this to Costco?" test with most of my clothes since that's about as "dressy" as things get during the week and I think dressed down enough they'd both get a B. Good enough for me. Always.

4. Not sure if they're new but they're news to me! I ordered a box but haven't cracked it open yet but I'll keep you posted on my thoughts. We're Kirkland loyalists (Pampers Swaddlers for the newborn days which is funny because Huggies makes Kirkland diapers) SO ... when did my life become this crazy? I don't know either.

5. Okay I'm almost finished with This Love Story Will Self-Destruct and while I like it and I'm very much enjoying it ... I can easily put it down. I like to be totally engrossed in stories and excited about jumping right back in when life allows but I just haven't gotten there with this one. I have An American Marriage on my docket next ... hopefully it's a little more ... gripping?

6. I know you're all on the edge of your seats about my quest to find an identicalish pair of these discontinued shoes. These came and were a huge disappointment as they were super uncomfortable and looked more like Toms than the espadrilles I was hoping to copycat. These fit the bill PERFECTLY (I just took the ribbons off) but were more than I was hoping to spend so the wait for a discount/sale begins. Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

7. How perfect (or seemingly perfect, I haven't tried it on) is this jumpsuit? Very. Very perfect.

Alright, have a great week!!


  1. Did you go to Disneyworld during the North's February Break? Brave! We went that week when we had four kids, and it was soooooooo busy! I swore I'd never go back...but a few years later and I'm wondering when/how to let the younger three kids get a chance to go. Maybe wait until the oldest are over all things Disney? Can't wait to read your recap!

  2. Have you tried reading Elin Hilderbrand? You might enjoy her writing.

  3. I stumbled across these on and thought they kiiiiinda looked like the espadrilles you're eyeing, but then not really but thought I'd share in case you want something while you wait!'s-lois-open-toe-slide-sandals---universal-thread%E2%84%A2-cognac-12/-/A-52942562

  4. Less espadrilles, more weave like but pretty comfy!

  5. Hi, Grace. I’m not sure if you’ve seen these:

    More woven. Not cheap persay, but less than the free people.

  6. Free people shoes are 46% off today. Just clicked... might be meant to be if they have your size.

  7. Hi Grace!

    Did Annie and Paul ever write their story on here and I missed it? Those and your baby novels are my favorite!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am a big fan and am in awe of your amount of children and that you can still read! Please, please do a “schedule/day in the life” post or “tips and tricks” or maybe even more of “what I wish I had known”. Not to silently judge but I am curious and want to steal some best practices. I’m about to have my third and my second will be only 14 months, and we’ve run out of bedrooms with the last one. Or like, how are you not completely irritated by your children and keep your patience while you’re pregnant?? I enjoy your posts and they keep me going :) You are amazing!



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