21 July 2017

1. The closest I can get to a smile ...

Some babies have tummy time but Abe has smile time in which I spend a fat chunk of his waking minutes trying in vain to get him to smile.

No dice. He'll smile up a storm in his sleep but the spirit has yet to move him to throw me a social smiling bone. SOON. I know it.

2. I skipped a week of quick takes and it really threw me off in terms of what I told you I've read. WiLd aNd cRaZy GrAcE. I read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I liked it ... didn't love it but I zipped right through it so obviously it held my attention. I also finished The Shark Club which I thoroughly enjoyed and surprised me with the ending which I always appreciate. I just started The Sunshine Sisters and will report back next week!

3. Speaking of reading, if you're in the market for some new (to you) blogs to put on your radar - Erin's roundup is worth a click and peek :)

4. The Bachelorette! I have to agree with Sharleen and say I'd be super surprised if she doesn't end up picking Bryan. Peter for Bachelor (or Dean! but I read he said he's not emotionally ready? who KNOWS) ... though!

5. I was wanting to invest (push present to myself? perhaps, perhaps) in another pair of Birkenstocks in preparation for a whole host of travel we have on the horizon (oh how my 16yo self is rolling her eyes at my 33yo self) since I have and love the Arizonas and even polled the kind Facebook page (who was pretty much split down the middle between these and these) but went rogue and snagged a pair of these and dare I say they are more comfortable than my birks? I dare. And (whispers) they might be a little more aesthetically pleasing too. They keep selling out at Nordstrom and Zappos so I know I'm not alone in my undying love and future devotion to my new (late) summer kicks.

5.5 I just came across these. $800 for Birkenstocks?! Now I've seen it all. All of it.

6. the big! bad! sale! of! the! summer! ... these boyfriend jeans (or, excuse me! ex-boyfriend jeans) have been getting rave reviews for their more tailored fit than traditional boyfriend jeans and are a lot softer/lighter weight. Plus, I love that brand and it very rarely goes on sale. Sign me UP (in a few months when I'm slightly less postpartum :)).

These 2-in-one booties caught my mule-loving eye. They seem genius in theory but I wonder how well they actually work ...

7. And Nike is having a 20% off clearance sale (ends tomorrow: 7/22) use code: SAVEMORE20 in case you're in need of some new shoes! I never thought I'd call a pair of sneakers, "pretty!" but here we are ...

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. To me, Bryan's mom seems like a nightmare mother in law. Anyone else?

  2. I read the 7 Husbands too! Are you in the Book of the Month Club?

  3. wow.. those nikes are indeed pretty. and for that price! i better get them

  4. I tried those 2-in-1 booties today. They are so cute, but the back slides down when wearing as a bootie. I couldn't do it, but I wanted to love them!

  5. Only 5 of these Birkenstock's available. We better order them NOW :-) JK I love Birks but that price is crazy :-)
    Love your blog by the way and a late congrats on the new cute addition.

  6. I was not a big fan of The Sunshine Sisters, not my favorite of hers. Agreed on Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. The Shark Club was delightful!



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