postpartum in the kitchen

20 July 2017

I knew that title would have everyone for my blog. In droves!

No, but really. I wish I were more prepared in the meal department when babies come on the scene but I'm not and I'll never pretend to be.

Our kitchen decor speaks for itself ...


The truth is that we rely on quick and easy and not-so-healthy options in the first days and weeks but with Abe and Bosco we've also leaned heavily on Blue Apron to get us over that first month hump which makes for happier humans all around.

The older kids are getting old enough that their not only interested about when meals are going to be served but also how they're made so after we put the little kids down for naps after church this past Sunday we let them help like the kind parents that we are.

Julia took great care and pride in checking off the steps as we made Pork Chops and Peach Sauce with Corn and Summer Squash Succotash together. Simon said he'd never had a pork chop that tasted good so (as usual) he was skeptic but I was hopeful and optimistic as Blue Apron has yet to let us down.

I've heard of people grilling peaches but I'd never thought to sauté them but I'm going to have to add it to my teeny tiny recipe repertoire because the sauce was GOOD.

In true oldest fashion, Julia has to help Sebastian do the one task he really wanted to do.

Someone woke up from her non-nap to observe ...

... but no offers to help, shockingly.

Checking everything off very diligently.

... keeping the pencil handy.

Simon would like everyone to know that he staged and took the following photo ...

... look at the butter placement/focus.

Okay! So, in the sad event that you're not familiar with Blue Apron and all that it entails let me enlighten you:

Blue Apron is a genius service that delivers farm fresh ingredients right to your doorstep, perfectly portioned, along with beautiful chef-designed recipes to create the most delicious meals
+ there are two plans: the 2-person plan and the family plan and everything arrives in a refrigerated box (it stays impressively cool on our porch even in the middle of a Florida summer!)
+ They are currently working toward developing a sustainable food system and use very high quality ingredients - you can check out their vision page here!
Blue Apron has a huge selection of recipes and is always adding to their rotation every week
+ There's absolutely no commitment and you can skip or cancel at any time
+ All of their meals are between 500-800 calories per serving and take up to 40 minutes to prepare (usually less - in our experience!)
Blue Apron offers a recycling program that you can learn more about here!

Blue Apron also just added a kids' Cooking Camp add-on for kids where kids can learn to do things like plant seeds, make salad dressing, and get them excited about being in the kitchen ...

They loved coloring the included coloring page and I won't tell you how many of veggies they had to ask, "sooo what color is that one?"

Our finished product ...

... changed Simon's mind about pork chops and changed the kids' minds about squash (I'm more excited about the latter)!

Want to try for yourself? The first 50 readers to try Blue Apron will get three free meals tacked onto their order just click here!!

If you want to browse some of their recipes first click right on over here!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post and making our lives a lot easier post-Abraham :)


  1. I really like to cook and tried Blue Apron a couple of times just for kicks, and I really enjoyed it because the food was great and it actually got my 13-year-old son interested enough to come in the kitchen and help me cook. My only complaint is that I wish they had options for larger families, because 4 servings were not enough for us. I even sent them an email asking if instead of 2 different meals you could select the same meal twice (8 servings), and they responded that they don't allow this--no idea why!

    1. agreed! I've given the same feedback and will pass yours along too :)

  2. Woohoo! I snagged the free meals, thanks! I'm a first time Apron-er, so I have a question. The weekly deliveries come on Thursdays, so I assume they will stay fresh until the following Thursday? For example, I know coming up in a couple of weeks, we will not be cooking at home Thurs, Fri, Sat, but could definitely use the meal help the following few days, so if we just stick it all in the fridge, will it be ok? And know that I'm seriously embarrassed asking the mother of a newborn a pesky question...

    1. not pesky!!! I think it depends on the meal - you might want to freeze the meat/fish. I feel like they say 3-4 days but I've definitely waited longer!

    2. Can you edit the delivery day? My Blue Apron comes on Tuesdays.

  3. Grace,
    Sorry, off topic... do you have the Nordstrom Gibson Bell Sleeve Poplin top? I love the look , just on the fence as to what the fit will be like. Just wondered if it is as good as the reviews. Thanks!



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