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18 February 2015

First of all ... other than putting my first "fix" together for me, Stitch Fix has no idea who I am and is not sponsoring this post at all. I was just curious and wanted to share my findings via crooked professional Grace selfies (Gracies?) whether you wanted me to or not. I'm guessing not but who's the boss around here? Me, unfortunately.

I was sure to heed the advice of some readers and be as specific as possible when putting together my style profile (link to a Pinterest board, specifying that I don't like to show off even a sliver of my stomach especially when I'm gestating etc) and they do a great job of presenting various outfit vignettes and letting you rate "love/hate/eh" etc so ... I had high hopes but I do not envy those stylists. At all.

Here's a little pictorial of what they sent with style tips (appreciated!) and an explanation of what they sent. 

They did take into account that I'm pregnant and sent casual/everyday wear just like I asked.

Enough, enough!

We'll start with the bad?

Stitch Fix infinity scarf
Stitch Fix maternity shirt

As soon as I put this number on, "No No No" by Destiny's Child suddenly started blaring in my brainspeakers maybe because I envision myself wearing a non-maternity version of this when I'm 52 and a loyal Coldwater Creek patron. I don't know. While I didn't hate the looser fit of the jeans Phoebe pulled up on my leg and pulled them right on off my person so they obviously just run big {maybe they'd fit better in the latter part of the third trimester!} because they were my size and/or the elastic just isn't as snug as my other jeans that might just be way too small. As far as the shirt goes - I hate ruching - maternity or not {it's just not flattering on my body type - at ALL} but how were they supposed to know that? I loved the dolman sleeves but wasn't wild about the navy/grey stripes. And the scarf! It was sheer and purely decorative and I don't love infinity scarves and I know myself well enough that I would never ever remember to put a scarf on for anything other than warmth and so .... all three of these were, sing it DC: "no, no and no." Boo.

BUT. The story doesn't end there.

Next chapter!

Stitch Fix jacket
leggings - c/o Whole Parenting Goods

I know these safari/military/anorak jackets had their 15 minutes of fame back in 2011 but I still love it. So I kept it and wore it until the temperatures plummeted into frozen hell territory but it'll be on heavy rotation as soon as it's seasonally appropriate once again.

Can you stomach one more mirror/mirror image? 


shoes via Amazon
denim - Old Navy

I normally steer clear of white but this was a little more cream/ivory as opposed to an exact match for the hue of Xerox paper and to be honest when I pulled it out of the box I was like, "vat is this?!" complete with brow furrow but then I put it on with a maternity tank and fell in love with the fit. It's not designated maternity but I can see it working for several more weeks especially as it (HOPEFULLY) gets warmer. So, I kept that too.

+ because I normally shop the clearance racks of Target or Old Navy or hit up eBay for more name brandy things ... the prices were um, not in my usual range. BUT - I kept in mind that I wasn't just paying for the clothing but the convenience and I do a terrible job of actually buying staples so ... I felt like these were some smart purchases that would work for maternity and beyond. The jacket is really lightweight which should work well for Florida and um, enough justification - no one cares, Grace.

+ I wish they gave more than three days to decide and send the clothing back because I can see myself letting that window slip RIGHT ON BY which would be a very expensive and annoying slip. But - I'm not in charge!

+ The convenience was nice and sending the rejects back was super easy (put them on the doorstep and schedule a pick up with the USPS) and now I'm antsy to schedule another Fix ... probably once I hit the third trimester and am starting to stare at my closet and complain to Simon that nothing fits while he just nods and waits for me to try on 89 options only to wear my original outfit.

+ That's all for now. Don't worry, you'll blink and it'll be time for another installation of the fun :)


  1. Your Old Navy jeans are spot on! I don't think I've ever had such luck there! Love the sweater too!

  2. The anorak jacket is so cute! I did a few months of Stitch Fix. It was fun, but also more than I usually pay for clothes. Very convenient though! I'm enjoying reading your blog...just thought I'd say hello. I think I found you via Instagram.

    1. thanks for saying hi!! Yeah - I could never do it long term but it's fun to at least try!!!

  3. I like the first outfit on you! It just needs better fitting (tigher) jeans. The cream colored sweater is a perfect staple.

    I've always wanted to try Stitch Fix, but we don't have a "budget" for clothes. Like at all (that's what happens when you're married to an accountant). One day...

  4. I really like your picks, and completely agreed on your no no no's. But maybe that is just my 34 week belly that swayed my opinion. I have heard so much about this service but have never tried it for myself. Maybe I am too picky? Or maybe nothing would ever be returned and I would become a vip customer without even trying. But I look forward to your next fix!!

  5. I want to try Stitch Fix but I'm worried stuff won't fit :(

  6. Such cute stuff! I love Stitch Fix.

  7. I've never tried this service but I know that many bloggers do. I just don't see myself liking anything because I feel like I'm soooo picky...
    You look lovely in that last white sweater


  8. Arg I'm so jealous at how easily you can get maternity clothes in the US, seriously my options are like nothing and I went and tried on a pair of sport fit jeans with elastic waist band the other day and even their smallest size were too large... and then I ripped the belt holder thing off a pair of my regular skinny jeans the other day (insert cry face) nothing FITS!!! entering my 3rd trimester is making hate clothes, all of them!! I LOVE your jeans in the last shot they are so cute! So yes I'll be over here complaining about all my clothes that dont fit, and feeling wierd because people keep mentioning how huge my boobs are like two sizes bigger already WHAAAT? ok first pregnancy,so please forgive all my complaining :( (meh I want my tiny butt back)

  9. This is the second time this week I've seen someone post cute boyfriend-ish style jeans from Old Navy. I must get over to one ASAP to check them out.

    This whole idea is pretty neat (esp. for someone who doesn't have time to shop, but unfortunately for my husband I have MORE than enough time..) but like you said I also only shop sale at Target, Banana, Jcrew,..or let me be real honest, the outlet mall lol. Gotta get the most out of my $$$'s.

  10. Love that last sweater!! I've been wanting to try Stitch Fix forever now, but it's way more than I usually spend on clothes (like hitting up outlet sales and such). I think it would be fun just because of the element of surprise, though!

  11. Ruched shirts don't look good on you? Puh-lease! EVERYTHING looks good on your body type, pregnant or not. (This coming from a 33 week pregnant gal who is looking more "whale" than "lady" by the hour) Still, you are entitled to your own preferences in maternity wear. Love that last white sweater on you! So flattering.

    1. haha - I wish I could show you better in person! But I just prefer the look of longer shirts because ruched shirts tend to be shorter and ride up easily - if that makes sense :)

  12. This is completely unrelated, but in my bout of extreme insomnia last night, I came up with a title for your conversations with Sebastian: Hashings with Bash or Bash Hash? And when Theo starts talking: Thoughts with Theo or Theo's Thoughts? Since you asked (not), I thought I'd share.

    Before you think I am a complete psycho stalker for thinking about this in the middle of the night, let me assure, I thought about everything possible from A to Z and this fell in somewhere around P.

  13. I am 52 and still dress cute I think....not a Cold Water Creek patron:) I remember being your age and thinking 52 was ancient!



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