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19 February 2015

Tell me you heard it too ... the collective sigh heard round a good chunk of the US before the seasonably appropriate cold front came blazing on the scene this week complete with a {pretty!} dumping of snow. Maybe you just got a dusting and maybe you wish it would snow where you lived or maybe you're so sick of snow that you could spit {I see you, Boston} but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I'm in good company with my dangerously high spring fever. It's only mid-February and Lent has just begun so I can't get too antsy but I am am am.

Our furnace stopped working in the middle of night {but Simon wasn't working this time so, ain't NO thang} and the wind chill was -8 this morning so until our angel of our repairman could get here we all got to experience a little taste pioneer living. We all huddled in the one warm room of the house which was fun and cozy for all of 8 seconds before Phoebe went into, "tackle Theo until he cries REAL tears" mode {her favorite pastime of late} and then it was just a fat game of keep away complete with referee gear and whistle. Anyway ... I'm winter's biggest cheerleader, obviously.

Fake it till you make it, folks. Words to live by. {onesie from here!}

And if anyone needs someone to voluntarily clap in their presence 24/7 ... Phoebe WILL DELIVER. Simon calls her a one trick pony which I don't think is fair because she also pretends to violently blow out birthday candles on command too. Two trick pony for hire!!

So in lieu of passing out strong and tropical beverages complete with critter sized umbrellas I thought I'd throw you a distant second prize a la happy links. Lame, I know. But - they're all good.

If you haven't popped over to watch Jenna's Big Sur video - you should. And while you're three go ahead and glean some inspiration from her very functional capsule wardrobe that I'd like to steal right off her person. But I won't.

I had some Zulily credit that was going to expire so I bought these sandals (in tan or "luggage" as they call it) but I can't decide if they are a little too orthotic looking? They are super comfortable so that probably answers my question. Simon also didn't argue when I said I thought maybe they aged me 20-30 years so, I'm keeping the box for now.

The Bachelor!! I was kind of a skeptic at the start of the season but once they got the (planted?) crazies off the set ... I got all kinds of emotionally invested in the show. Surprise, surprise! Kaitlyn is my favorite but I'd prefer she get picked for the Bachelorette and I don't have super strong feelings either way on Becca or Whitney. Whitney is all class but Becca seems like a real sweetheart so ... win/win for Chris, I think? I'm not anxiously waiting for Ashley or Sharleen to recap this week's five (!!!!) hours of drama. Not at ALL.

This is old but no matter how many times I read it I still laugh out loud of some of the crazy stories.

And my sweet and talented friend Nell has been letting me and kids be her legging guinea pigs {worst job EVER ;)} and she's just released {today!} women's leggings ... both maternity and not. I have both versions and love them equally but might be favoring the yoga waist band for obvious reasons right now. I don't think a day goes by that one or two of the kids isn't wearing a pair of her leggings ... they wash so well and maintain their shape {aka don't shrink down 89 sizes once they've been dried} and she really has the best eye for her fabric selections.

these giraffes for example. Well, I did a terrible job of photographing them in all their glory but hopefully you get the gist.

Anyway ... we're huge fans around here. The hugest.

And in case you haven't gotten your daily fill/fix-o-Grace {never!!!} I'm over here on one of my very favorite blogs talking about postpartum living. Don't miss it. Or do! I'll never know.

Same time tomorrow?

Can't wait.


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