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01 September 2014


How's your weekend been? Great, that's great.

Oh, me? I've actually been down in Dillon, Texas for the fat majority of the time ... binging on my very favorite. Occasionally I'll humor Jillian and bring her along for the ride but for the most part it's gluttony in its most pure form. It's been great.

Of course I've been taking long breaks to rear the children and yesterday I was getting ready to get out the door when Theo walked in the room and spotted his shadow on the wall. He couldn't believe it! What was this crazy monstrosity that moved as fast as he did?! After a few seconds I think he figured it out (maybe) and scampered off and soon came running back in with his toy flip phone and started snapping millions of shadow selfies while saying, "cheee!! cheeee!!!" through a very fake smile. New parenting low? I certainly hope so.

I've also been trying to up my stage mom game by braiding Julia's hair. Over and over again. She is loving it, I promise.

Sebastian has been singing, "bout thuh bass, bout the bass" complete with some WIDE hip swings while Julia can't seem to get, "I knew you were in trouble when you walked in ...." out of her head.

And I think that's all I have to report.

I did want to brighten your day by showcasing a collage of baby photos; a riveting collage of the four kids as they were (or are, in Phoebe's case) at four months old ...

I found at least 80 photos of Julia at four months old (first time parents armed with a Canon Powershot ELPH .... look out) and nary a smile in the lot. Although I can't blame her in this particular shot as I believe this was around the time when her mom started dabbling in the art of headband making ... she thankfully cut that out of her life quickly once she realized that four hours per band wasn't the greatest use of nap time. Although ... you have to admit I did have quite the eye and talent for the craft. Ahem.

And I think it's safe to say that Simon's (oh so hilarious), "and you're SURE he's mine?!" queries during Theo's first year of life were ... not totally unjustified because duck, duck, duck, and GOOSE. Theo definitely favors my dad and the other three favor each other and their parents.

How long can I type about my children's baby photos? Real long. Don't test me.

And now if you'll excuse me I think I'll go join Simon for an end of his laborious weekend libation while watching one of our three channels and most likely get roped into swaying Phoebe to sleep.

We like, we like to party.


  1. I love when you photo compare them at the same age! MOAR PLEASE.

    Also, baby Theo looks so much like Robin Williams. That's probably been mentioned to you 98309840938094832904 times before, but thought I would make it 98309840938094832905 if so.

  2. Um my 2 yo loves to sing about the bass too. He asks for it repeatedly.

  3. I think Phoebe looks like Theo! I love this four square of them. And Bash has got moves like...

  4. Your kids are all so adorable! Theo's happy smile is so great :)

  5. So cute! Don't you think Theo looks a little like Robin Williams?

  6. I really thought that about Theo and Robin Williams too (before reading the comments even!).

  7. SO glad I'm not the only one who binges on FNL. Such a great show.

  8. Is it bad that you said Dillon, Texas and I knew exactly what you were referring to? Clear eyes, full hearts.

  9. For whatever reason, I zeroed in on their hair -- all very different from one babe to the next. I just LOVE Julia's expression in that shot.

    Also, Texas Forever.

  10. Is Theo Simon's...haha...j/k! Definitely all cute :)

  11. Theo looks like such a little old man! Or also an elf ;)

  12. I love so much about this post. I had my first just a couple weeks before Phoebe, and it's been so fun comparing their milestones! We are die hard FNL fans over here. We often tell our little one "Clean butt, full belly, can't lose."

  13. I am one of those weird moms who LOVES the comparison photos! It makes me wonder if my kids will look alike!

  14. *I* think Theo looks like baby Joseph Gordon Levitt.



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