21 day challenge

24 June 2010

For the deets on the the pretty coral button

21 Day Challenge

Day 21

Work It
shirt: Target, skirt: Nordstrom Rack, belt: Banana Republic, shoes: Goodwill

Now I have that awful Missy Elliot song stuck in my head...which feels scandalous and sinful on a Sunday. I'm working with all non-maternity (yes even the shoes and belt) in my favorite colors today: grey, navy, mint and brown. My former pregnant self wouldn't have dreamed to be such a rebel...but lookatmenow...broader and brighter horizons be mine.
Thanks so much to Kayla for coordinating and hosting za chall!
shirt: Goodwill, altered dress: Goodwill, belt: Banana Republic, shoes: Ross or was it TJ Max?

This outfit looked centuries better in the mirror...prom. And I have a confession...I am going to church today so this is one big fat cheat. I'll have to wear Sunday shoes tomorrow to restore my good name I suppose. I know these shoes make you want to bust out in a rowdy rendition of, "If You Wanna be My Lover" the spicy girlies but they have padded soles and I love them and they make me feel young again...even at seven months preg.
headband: c/o Jdel, tunic: Target, sweater: Target, pants: Banana Republic, wedges: Target

A lot to say today. Not in order of importance...I feel like a real bozo not looking at the camera and looking pensively at the neighbors' trashcans but ... the challenge called and I answered on the first ring. Also...I picked the worst remix item ever. I feel like the tunic paired with flares makes me look like a preschool teacher wearing my painting time smock. Shoot...well I guess not that much to share...just felt like a lot bottled up and floating around my adorned nog.
pants: Banana Republic, shirt: J.crew...Simon recieved as gift for being in wedding, sweater: Target, necklace: Francesca's, earrings: Goodwill, belt: Goodwill, rat tail on my right your left: pregnancy hair growth

I know. This outfit is awful. Too busy. Too much. Too TOo TOO. I also am not wearing legit statement jewelry as I have none but my plastic turquoise rounds and secondhand gold discs were happy to try their hardest to look statementy. I give them C pluses. 

shirt: Goodwill, pants: Banana Republic, wedges: Target

If you saw the shirt before my seam ripper went to town you wouldn't be all that impressed. My shoulders are just broad and just tall enough that even the shoulder pad removal did little to make me look less like a football player or a girl playing dress up in football pads. I took out the hem to add length to cover my egg which turned out to be a moot move because I tucked the shirt in against my better judgement anyway. On the bright side...the shoulder pads will serve as reusable/washable nursing pads when the baby comes. I'm kidding.
blazer: Buffalo Exchange via American Airlines, shirt: Goodwill, denim: Banana Republic, shoes: Sears
one eyed dog: craigslist

I never know what people really mean when they claim they are wearing 'vintage'. . .but I'm going to traipse out on a bold limb and say this blazer might count. This bleep is legit. Former stewardess Judy Smith even left her sewn and filled out nametag intact little kid underwear style. I thought about wearing Simon's boxers as well to make this true menswear but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fit around my kneecaps at this pregnant point.

braids: mistake, shirt: Target maternity, skirt: Forever XXI, belt: Goodwill

This was kind of like taking a picture of an actress or model with bomb hair to the hair dresser expecting to walk out looking like a carbon copy and walking out still looking like yourself with semi-bomb hair. I thought I could replicate the BusyBee....nope.
Milk braids. Something to never, ever do again. ever.
inspiration source
sweater: Target via Goodwill, shirt: Simon's from Goodwill, jeans: Banana Republic, wedges: Target, purse: Banana Republic circa 2003

I know. Laughable. Why couldn't I just find a nice maternity photo and follow suit? I don't know. I love the model's outfit. I don't love her brow furrow or her urine yellow satin pumps. But I'm sure there are things she doesn't love about me either. On another note, I am kind of alarmed at how well Simon's shirts are starting to fit me. Kind of as in really a lot.
top: Goodwill, belt: Goodwill, pants: Banana Republic, wedges: Target, plastic bracelet: Ebay

only an extra small pop here today. . . look closely on my left wrist . . . pop . . .you see? so small. I am 97% positive I purchased this pretty when I was on some weird Ebay kick back in 2006. It recently resurfaced when Julia emptied out an old cigar box (not mine) on a hunt for lost and chewable treasure. I would say success was certainly hers.
 sweater: Loft, tee: Target maternity, khaki jeans (not to be confused with the other jeans I'm donning): Banana Republic, wedges: Target, belt: Goodwill, necklace: Francesca's

I'm sorry...I know this photo collage of two is weirdly crooked and makes me dizzy just to glance in it's general vicinity. If khaki denim and turquoise plastic doesn't scream jazzy...I don't know what does. In other pertinent news...I have been craving a doughnut for an hour and think I'm going to cave and drive 10 minutes to purchase and devour five. On a related you need a nursing cover? you know you do.
dress: Target Maternity, wedges: Banana Republic non maternity,  earrings: Goodwill

I hesitate to even participate today since I win the most uninspired doldrummy 'fit but..this is how I rolled on our anniversary outing. Lucky Simon (even though this photo might lead one to believe I went on a date with the bench swing). I tried to fance it up with some italicized font but I'm not sure it helped. The dress took me nicely from day to night and I think can easily stretch into a size XXL if necessary...pure lycralove. Amen.
shirt: Gap, skirt: Nordstrom Rack, flops: Reef via Nordstrom Rack

I'm not sure why I stopped wearing this shirt a few years ago. It has a nice stretch and a nice yolk/white stripe and is the epitome of s-a-f-e which I generally run and cling to.  I realize I've worn this skirt 8 out of the last 10 days but I'm a creature of, gym ratting, internet, skirt, sleep, repeat. Every day...all the days of my life.
I would like to give a warm welcome to my bff+e Jessica who just joined the challenge. She is on my top 500 (jk 1000) list of fashion icons...girl's got stylllllllle for centuries.
 shirt: Gap maternity, pants: Banana Republic{altered by Grace} belt: Goodwill, wedges: Target

I don't know if the belt is a cheat but...30 week bellies sans belts can be difficult to rock with non empire waist defining tops...for my bod at least.  I was happy to discover that I can add these pants to my pile of one other non-maternity bottoms that I can barely shimmy dim into thanks to some serious lycra c/o the kind folks at Banana Republic. And I think thatisit.

shirt: Target maternity, belt: Goodwill, pants: Goodwill (with tags still attached from Target maternity) and needed serious alterations, shoes: Goodwill (originally from Italy...please note)
If Kayla is docking might be my unlucky day. The mint leaves on my feet (although Simon says they are beige... and Simon is wrong) are supposed to be my fancies. They are secondhand and they claim to be made in Italy...which I think screams....fance.  I really wanted to wear my Hawaiian slippers when I wore this to purchase diapers and diaper rash ointment... but resisted.
Victory...come to mother.
 skirt worn as tube dress: Nordstrom Rack, sweater worn as tube coverlet: Loft, wedges: Target, bottom layer belt: Banana Republic, top layer belt: Goodwill, turquoise necklace on wrist: Francesca's, real diamond bracelet: made by Julia

Sorry for the poor photo quality today. It was raining medium hard in the photos which hopefully shows my dedication to this challenge. didn't notice the quality...nor do you care? good, goooood. I'm a real plainie and am actually wearing all of the jewelry I own for this particular day so I tried to compensate with belt stacking. I don't know. Maybe some accessory branching looms in my near future. 
 neon bike jersey: Target, dress (donned as skirt): Gap Maternity, wedges: Banana Republic hair: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Simon was home long enough yesterday for me to take a shower, shave both legs, condition my hair, wash my face and comb 88% of the nests out of my locks without Julia gawking at me the entire time. I'm going to make this a monthly priority because it did wonders for my mood. I was going to be boring and wear a skirt as a dress but then I went a little cray with my happy self and wore a dress as a skirt instead. And now I want to snip the bodice off the dress...thank you for showing me the light, Kayla. 

Also a collective and audible round of applause for Kayla all of her dedication and her zillllllion posts on the challenge. Bravo and thank you!!
tunic: Target, jeans: Old Navy Maternity, Wedges: Ross (Dress for Less), belt: Gap circa 1997

Yikes. Frump for days. Hopefully this is my least favorite look of el challenge. The tunic is my remix piece though and sometimes my belly wants to breathe a little breath or ten for the day. I'll do better tomorrow...pregnant's honor.
tank: J.Crew, skirt: Goodwill and lengthened by Grace, sandals: Banana Republic, belt: Goodwill (and impressively weighs seven pounds)

My thighs and thorax (thorigh) combined make me crave watermelon and my thighs and calves (legs) combined make me crave a Thin Mint. My weight of my belt alone makes me tired. Kayla's outfit makes me jealous.

sweater: Old Navy, shirt: Simon's side of the closet via the Goodwill, belt & khaki jeans: Banana Republic, wedges: Target, my eyes: closed on the lefty
  Do I look like a stay at home mom? Good...because that's what I am. Stripes and plaid are the special du jour served fresh and crispy this morning. Cuff me and lock me up because I'm pretty sure I'm committing a serious fashion offense wearing legitimate stretch khaki jeans...cuffed and flared...and I love them. Silly SAHM.
 tank: Mossimo for Targeto, skirt (worn backwards): Kische for Nordstrom Rack, necklace: Francesca's, sandals: Reef for Nordstrom Rack 

I was feeling semi-fine in the size department until I started to try and tuck things in and all of a sudd I felt large and full term but I still have 9-11 weeks to go. Thanks Kayla. I heart this neck piece but feel like it calls attench to my neck slash so basically today I am one big insecure grey and white whale. Good thing my agenda only calls for a trip to Costco.  Putting on my rosiest outlook faybans for tomorrow's post....promise.

Target tunic, Target wedges, Tourneau glasses via the optometrist 

For today's challenge, I opted to wear a scandalscandal short chambray/denim dress/tunic that I'm really happy to still fit into on the eve of of the advent of my 30th week of pregnancy. I semi-promise to only don as a tunic from here on out...covering my legs. In my defense...a pup and a baby are the only beings to lay eyes on me during the day. ok.



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