life in the time of corona

21 March 2020

1. Last week (feels like last year!) when hanging in the dirt pile next to the gym parking lot didn't feel as luxurious as it does now. I debated keeping any mention of Covid-19 slash Coronavirus out of the title but hopefully I'll see this post title in years to come and have a greater appreciation for everything I took for granted beforehand? Maybe not! I don't know.

2. Hope you're doing as well as can be expected - I'm sure this is looking so different for everyone and I feel lucky we're all able to be at home for the time being and the minor disappointments and inconveniences far outweigh the risks we pose and assume by simply going on living our regular day to day life. Simon has been home as he'd already taken the time off for the kids spring break (this week! and now alllllll the weeks until August and also until we get our distance learning directions from their school - out of sight out of mind is my philosophy for now) which has been so nice and made a huge difference. We're not sure what the weeks will look like moving forward but we're taking things one day at a time! There are lots of great book recommendations for 4th/5th graders over on my ig and I've been told that Audible for kids is free to stream at the moment!

3. We were going a little stir crazy until yesterday when we were gifted with the most gorgeous weather and things felt a lot less hopeless and my gratitude was at an all time high. We woke up to a 40 degree temperature drop but I know it will warm up again and the sunshine will continue to be a literal light in our (totally fine! just a little different now!) lives. Last year I was reluctant to buy a blow up pool for our yard (but I did and it was thee best purchase) and this year I can't wait until we can pull it out again. We might even add a slide.

4. I hit the 3rd trimester milestone somewhere in the thick of all of this and aside from occasional sciatic and insomnia I feel mostly fine. I have a laundry list of house projects I'd like to get done before June but know the majority of them will have to wait which is perfectly fine. The Lovely War and In Five Years have been keeping me company when I can't sleep and I've also started Grace Based Parenting which so far? Pretty good.

5. There were some new things listed over in my Kidizen shop if you'd like to take a peek - the in between weather makes me want to summer-fy every dresser and closet in the house but then I check my March madness self - soon enough! Soon enough.

6. Last day that my favorite machine washable summer kid shoes and are on sale and Old Navy is running a really great 50% off everything sale (couldn't resist this for the little boys and these for the older boys).

7. Again, hope everyone is doing well! I'd love to hear how you're coping/passing the time!

love from the Camp!


  1. Lol, I think we'll defintely have a greater appreciation for life and freedom post corona! Congrats on enterting the third trimester. I'm currently trying to make it through the audible book, "Where the Crawdads Sing". It's been at the top of the charts for the longest time so I'm curious what it's all about. The weather here in Georgia was 72 and sunny today following a couple of rainy days so we were excited to get out of the house and go for a walk.

    Kaitlyn @ Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  2. Hi, I have followed your blog for years but never commented because I use Feedly and because it feels a little awkward to comment when I've never actually met you (I know, I'm not much for the digital age). Anyhow, I came out from lurking to say that I'm glad you are still blogging and I love reading your posts. I pray your pregnancy continues to go well, it's so encouraging to read about other big families (I have six, oldest is 9).

  3. I've been trying to focus on the positives during this time and I think I saw something today about Old Navy having a sale where everything on the site is less than $20, but I am not actually going to look because then I will buy EVERYTHING.

    I hope things have gone well with getting distance learning up and running as it looks like it has been about a month since this post. (I just found you via bloglovin').

    Danielle @ Whether the Storm



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