rug roundup {blue edition}

28 February 2020

I'm still waiting for our Paris pics to put up a dedicated Paris post but in the mean time I've been taking stock of the super unnecessary things I'd like to do around the house before the baby comes. I've got some painting (of the room not artistic variety) on the horizon but there are also a few rugs that I'd like to replace after playing 100 rounds of musical rugs around the house. First up? The boys room. 

I'm in the market to replace this one (or maybe just move it to a less traffic heavy part of the house). I think something a little darker that shows less um - dirt - would work better in their blue room.  I love the look of both this one and this one but it goes without saying that do NOT love those prices - especially for a kids room. Or any room, honestly. I used to have great luck searching vintage rugs here but was shocked to see how much pricier they are today than they were a few years ago so  I quickly abandoned that idea. If you've ever purchased an area rug you know that the options are endless and downright overwhelming so only let myself look at a couple thousand before narrowing it down to these few. I love this collection of rugs but didn't see the exact color I was hoping but found quite a few that I loved and listed here ...

1. blue shag rug with tassels - I don't think a shag rug is super practical for the boys room but I do love the look and feel of shag rugs in the right spaces (which might be zero with little kids, honestly). I'm not an expert but it feels like an easy way to warm up a room, right? Right. 

2. vintage castle medallion - I toyed with going a more charcoal/black route since the boys bunk bed is black but since I found so many great blue options I decided against it but this was my top charcoal choice. 

3. persian medallion - I wanted something a little darker but kept this one bookmarked for maybe another room/area because it's a really pretty neutral pattern (apparently blue is the new green in interiors? don't quote me on that but I still really love green ... ). 

4. blue withering medallion with fringe - This is the one I ended up ordering after "trying" it in their room with the handy virtual tool. I think the shade of the blue will work perfectly with the blue walls and black bed. I still have a very colorful rug over on Abe's side of the room and I think this complements it well. I hope.

5. beige worn medallion (also super cool blue version) - the mom in me knows this would've hidden dirt the best but didn't think it was quite right for their room. Another one to keep in mind for another time though ...

6. dark blue coventry - this was a VERYclosesecond choice and I'm still hoping I made the right decision. I think I might go with the blue version (that totally looks green) for Clement's room though.  It seems to strike the classic/modern balance well, in my expert opinion.

Any fun rugs you've come across? I debated getting this one because every time I see it online I pause for a moment of admiration but I think sticking to blue was the right choice - I hope!


  1. oh man - I opened this post and said "ooh 4 and 6 are gorgeous!" Great minds apparently think alike! :)

  2. Love these options! We have a big rug article scheduled for next week on EverydayMamas haha! This is one of the rugs. We have it in our family room but it might work in a boys room??

  3. I loved 6 the best - but 4 is great too.

  4. Ooh, I'm all about #5. I might have to get it for my living room - my kids have done a number on the (similar) one that I have in there.



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