and so this is January ...

10 January 2020

... and you might have to suffer through a few more weeks of Christmas pictures because my super talented sister-in-law took too many great snaps not to share with the masses.

1. The above photo is from a fun book exchange we did with the grandkids on Simon's side of the family (he has four siblings - all married or almost married so five couples total and ten grandkids total so each couple drew two names and gifted a book to the niece(s) or nephew(s) they drew! It was really fun - I highly recommend) shortly before Christmas. Simon's sister made one heck of a feast and we put a Christmas movie on for the kids (already in their pajamas - genius idea that was not mine) and I think a yearly tradition was born! Did you want to know all of that? I think you did.

2. There's a new and updated prayer for Amber over here if you scroll down to the January 7th update in the event that you have some prayer time to spare!

3. I can't not touch on the weather because it was the most beautiful 60 degree day yesterday and I was in figurative heaven but tomorrow's forecast is predicting snow and lots of it. In another life I will get excited about snow but I've already gotten super stuck in the snow in our notsmall van this winter and I'd be happy not to see it again for a long, long time (and we don't even get it that often). Anyway, it's appropriate to start wishing for spring in late March/early April - not early January but maybe if I just whisper the wish ... maybe it will listen.

4. Listen, I know the Bachelor/ette franchise is not everyone's thing but it was a GEM of a premiere this past Monday. Simon reluctantly watched it with me and was even feeling strongly about Hannah's reappearance at the end of the episode (we have differing feelings on the matter - mine are the correct ones.) I don't think Peter and Hannah are back together but I would love it if they were. My favorite off the bat (and she was given the gift of an incredible edit and date) was Madison but time will tell as I still don't feel like I know 75% of their names. Sharleen's recap echoed a lot of my thoughts and I'm just really excited for the season. I tried to edit this overeager paragraph down but I can't.

5. I'm selling (with the help of an awesome style scout - shout out to Shara!) some gently used (sometimes new!) kids + mom clothing over on Kidizen if you want to check it out. I peruse the app almost daily and have gotten lots of the kids clothes and shoes there!

6.  Amazon find of the week was this lilac-esque nail polish. I usually go for dark or super light barely there colors but this is a fun in between one that isn't too purple-y but is still deemed fun enough that the girls have requested it. Definitely recommend if you're in the market for a new nail hue.

7. I really REALLY love and wanted this dress when it first came out but it sold out almost immediately but I guess I'm glad I was forced to wait because now it's on sale + an additional 50% off. Woo to the hoo. I promise to never type that again, apologies. My very favorite leggings are still 40% off (maternity version too!) and I finally settled on a winter coat after trying on and returning more than I should admit.

I just discovered that Amazon has the BBC Little Women 3 part series on Prime right now so I'll let you guess what we'll be doing tonight! Wild, as always.

Have a good one!

bonus pic that Becca took of our house (plus her dog, Truman!) on Christmas day. Every year we promise we'll get a new (faux) tree since this one is covered in dead lights and every year ... we don't Keep us honest, 2020.


  1. #7 Darn, the leggings are sold out in my size.

    #6 Grace, do you paint your fingernails also? I only ever paint my toes because polish chips so easily on my fingernails. But my sister paints hers and uses the Sally Hanson gels and swears by them. She uses the instadry top coat.

    1. I do! I’ve had good luck with the essie gel top coat! Lasts aaaaalmost 2 weeks for me 😄😄

  2. Thank you! I'll try both brands and see which one I like best. :)

  3. I just wanted to say how much I adore your blog! I'm a new(ish... my daughter is 1.5 now, hard to believe!) mom and I first found your blog when I was feeling very overwhelmed with motherhood and your positive, genuine posts about your family really made me appreciate being a mom. I also admire your Catholic faith, I love how it's visible in everything from your home decor to your childrens' names (you have serious baby-naming skills, by the way). Anyways I'm rambling and fangirling a bit but I just really wanted to say how much I love your blog and admire you as a mom, thank you for posting and sharing your beautiful family!

  4. Congratulations on your happy baby news! I loved the Loft dress you linked to so much --and they had it left in my size--that I took the plunge! Perfect easter dress! in 89 days. :)

  5. So, I just started this season's Bachelor (and I didn't watch Hannah's season) so I have to agree with Simon. My husband and I both think Peter dodged a bullet! I choose Madison as my top pick at this point, too :)



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