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10 December 2018

1. I've never thought Abe and Phoebe look very much alike until this photo and their unparalleled enthusiasm for all things Claus and Christmas suddenly has them looking downright identical. I do have to say that in an effort to beat the crowds and go see Santa on a notfreezing night WITH our cousins (aka this photo is from November ... sue me) the kids weren't at all concerned with what to ask for which has me taking the liberty of choosing for them and is ... QUITE NICE.

2. However! Christmas is a little more than two weeks away and while I feel readyish I think I'll get my laser focus started in April next year if I want a truly wrap/shop/stress free Advent.

3. I feel like it's feast or famine on the reading front in graceland and right now it's a bit of a feast which is just the way I like it. I finished A Christmas Memory and The Thanksgiving Visitor for book club which were unexpected delights that ushered me right on into the Christmas spirit. I convinced Simon to read and discuss An American Marriage with me (although right now he's pretty into A Gentleman in Moscow ... but will probably still finish An American Marriage before I do ha ha ha) and lots of my friends warned me that it was tough to get into -- I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far! A longtime reader (hi Kris!) suggested Ghosted and that's next on my list along with our next book club book: The Reed of God. Oh! There's also a ton of amazing suggestions right on over here.

4. It's been a long time since I've gotten a "fix" but future postpartum Grace decided she could use some help in the postpartum department and just got my box in the mail yesterday. I'll never get over how underwhelmed I am when I open the boxes only to find that oh! I actually love this fit and fabric and how it falls etc etc etc so if you order and have a similar initial reaction - don't despair until you actually try things on! It's tough to picture a postpartum wardrobe while still rocking a large bump but they did a phenomenal job of finding pieces that were comfy but still look pulled together enough to leave the house (but mostly comfy! As I requested).

5. I think I mentioned several months (years?) ago that I read and liked Dumplin' and so imagine my excitement level when I saw that Netflix made a movie version and that it's already out?! Simon and I watched it last night and it was well done! Very cute if you're needing a breather from the Hallmark movie classics this time of year!

6. But back to postpartum clothing (and a motion to have stores like Old Navy etc to have specific postpartum clothing sections? at least online? yay?) and these joggers that I keep seeing pop up on my favorite IGers. They've made a strong case and they look like real winners for both home and the brief outings away with a baby in tow. I missed them on sale but I have faith that they'll pop back down again. This sweater has also been on my radar but my cardigan collection needs no new additions. Or does it?

7. J.Crew is running a 5 days of Christmas sale special and today is 50% off the entire site with code MONDAY (this sweater blazer has been calling my name for MONTHS but naturally, it's excluded from the promo) and I'm curious to see how they're going to top 50% off in the coming days ... no my life doesn't need any excitement, thank you very much!

Alright, have a wonderful week!!


  1. Ghosted was the best book I've read in a long time.

  2. I LOVED An American Marriage. (I didn't find it hard to get into at all either!). I often am not familiar with what you're reading so this was exciting! :)

  3. I wish Old Navy/Gap would have a post partum section! I did just pick up a little black dress in their nursing section and I may wear it when I’m not nursing- it’s so comfy and easy to dress up!

  4. I keep telling/asking my husband if we can read a book together so we can discuss it. This cements it, we’re starting it tonight! 😀



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