09 November 2018

Shortly before it started snowing.


1. The kids were so excited for an actual winter until they realized that it involved freezing cold weather for an extended period of time and then their inner mother came out to play and realize that it's not alllllll it's cracked up to be. They'll learn to love it. Or hate it like I do. Kidding! Semi. Mostly. Somewhat.

2. I touched on this last week and this is definitely less riveting than weather prattle but how is it that we're staring down the last full week of school before the week of Thanksgiving is upon us? I don't know. We're all so excited because my siblings are making the trek to Wichita we get to meet the one and only baby Seaton cousin, Damien. Abe has a difficult time showing restraint and appropriate affection (oh, I can't lightly-pat-quickly-crescendoing-into-a-hard-hit this adorable cherub?!) around babies so it'll be a nice little practice run for January.

3. On the house project front - I am making progress! Giving myself the old, 'sprint not a race' pep talk but I do think things are coming along at an average clip. I'm finally getting a photographer over here this coming week so I can show and not just tell you about it. And by progress we all know I just mean paint but .... it makes a difference! Or so I tell myself and Simon who claims he'll come home to painted kids and a painted car one of these days. Har. Har. Har.

4. I started reading Winter In Paradise and I really like it but I could be reading the most riveting tail in all of the land and it would still put me to sleep two paragraphs in (which I appreciate since any measures I can take to prevent insomnia are most welcome!). I cannot wait for Crazy Rich Asians to be available on Amazon to watch/rent since that was one of my favorite books last year.

5. The holiday sales are heating up and for once I'm not ignoring them because I'd like to have things all wrapped and ready to go early on so we can enjoy Advent and Christmas break this year (not that we haven't in past year - you KNOW what I mean). I've been needing to fill a few outerwear holes since we moved and was THRILLED to see that all coats and jackets (and sweaters and denim!) are 50% off right now. I snagged this one for Julia, this one for Simon, and if I'm being honest ... this one for myself. After nixing several pairs of denim - the girls finally settled on not just tolerating but even loving these (soft but structured - not leggings territory). Yee Haw.

6. Our dining room chairs (a monthS long search) are 40% off (!!!) at the moment and I can't say enough about them - aesthetic + quality + wipe-down-ability (most important?) are all A+. They're even taller than this fancy pair I kept coming back to (but could/would never pull the trigger on for obvious price reasons) and this is one case where I think I like the "save" option so much better!! All of their furniture is on sale - hold me back.

7. J.Crew Factory is having a flash sale and I'm glad I waited on grabbing black flats for the girls because while these are nice and simple - the back bow makes them just the right amount of fancy, Phoebe-approved for SURE.

Alright, that's allllllll folks!

Happy Weekend. Stay warm. 


  1. I'd love to get that jacket for my granddaughters. Julia is 7? 8? The 8 year old is short and slim, the 9 year old is tall and slim. I think going by the age chart should work for them.

    1. Julia is 8 and pretty average! She just grew out of the small and I got her a medium :)



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