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06 October 2018

Real quick (ish :))!! I thought I'd go through some of the nit and grit of the girls' room for the two parties that are/were interested. I'll do an entirely separate post on painting the bunk beds since that's what it warrants and deserves but for now -- walls and all the accoutrements.

Wall Paint Color - Sherwin Williams Intimate White (it is definitely SUPER light pink, not white). I wanted/needed something to go with the cream trim (which may or may not be addressed at some point in the distant future) and after a lot of extensive and arduous googling (L!O!L!) I settled on this shade. I think it's a tiny bit cooler than I was hoping for but I'm pretty happy with it overall. The pink is just about as subtle as you can get - as far as pinks go!

Bed and Dresser Paint Color - Sherwin Williams Jasper I made the mistake of thinking I could just wing finding the right shade at the store with kids in tow and ended up going with Jasper at 90% saturation to which the paint guy laughed and said it would made no difference in the darkness and ha! ha! he was right. I wanted it dark and am still pleased with the color but cutting out that 10% made me feel like it wasn't going to be basically black paint? I think some people might still mistake it for black which is totally fine. I'm tempted to use the leftover paint to give our dining room buffet a face lift ... time will tell.

Tone down the word count, Patton.

Bed - Ikea. More on the painting process later!

Bedding - I took advantage of a big sale and sprang for these and love them. They are super cozy and easy for the kids to "make" their beds. Bunk beds are the WORST to make and these aren't life changing but pretty darn close.

Rug - Sold all over but currently in stock over here!

Pink Chair - World Market

Wall Planters - Amazon

Large Planter - Amazon (but similar versions can be found many places like Target, World Market, etc)

Girl Bandit Print - Society6

Stuffed Wall Animals (technical name) - Target

Mermaid Print - wrapping paper

Wall Calendar - Stendig

I'm thinking I'm getting too nitty gritty and no one wants to know about the fleck of dust to the left to the left of the fireplace so I'll stop here. But! If there's anything you're curious about let me know and I'll let YOU know in return :)

Bye :)


  1. What a darling little girls' room! I bet your girls will love growing up there. :)
    Do you just have the one lamp next to the bunk bed (as well as overhead light and sparkle lights)? I've got lamps on the brain as I don't love overhead light and I'm trying to figure out how to get cozy lighting without feeling like I can't see anything. 😂
    Also, how do you keep your kids from messing with potted plants? Or do the younger kids not play in the girls' room very often? That's my one hang-up about getting a potted plant (well, that and keeping it alive!).

    1. yes, one lamp with a super soft bulb that they keep on to read until they fall asleep :) Their overhead light has a dimmer so it can get pretty "dim" in there. The plant is fake but the few outside that are potted around the areas they play - they haven't messed with. They are much more concerned with digging up our grass which MIGHT be more annoying ;) haha

  2. I have a question! How did you get the inside of the fireplace to look like that? I love the gray. We have a fireplace that needs fixing up. Thank you!

    1. we moved in and it was like that! They had a plug in fireplace of sorts that we just took out - no help, I'm sorry!

  3. Oh my I wish I had heard of the Beddy's about 15 years ago! We have three sets of bunk beds and they are IMPOSSIBLE to make/make well. Haha. Oh well, our kids are old enough to help now, so we are kind of past the really tough time when we had to make all the bed ourselves, but those look fabulous!

  4. Anxious for your Kura painting tips! That's on our agenda for the weekend. To sand or not to sand? I'm trying to match the white panels.

    1. Definitely sand! Worth the $30 to buy a little electric sander. I use ours all the time!

  5. Where are your faux plants from? I need to up my plant game - real and / or fake! ;)

    1. Amazon! But I’ve been really impressed by hobby lobbys selection lately!!



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