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17 August 2018

One of those bizarrely miraculous and almost harmonious + quiet magical moments captured on e-film. . .

Children Reading Quietly c. 2018.

1. I'm just going to keep telling myself that I'm going to have time to blog more once the kids are back in school and cackle once I realize it was a nice little lie I told myself when it doesn't actually happen but .... this week! Back to school! Let's see what happens, Patton.

2. Speaking of back to school ... I hope I'm not the only one that has yet to do a lick of back to school supplies shopping and realized that supplies were supposed to be dropped off at the back to school open house that happened yesterday? Hoping ...

3. It wouldn't be a summer 2k18 blog post if I didn't give you a painting update and I'm thrilled to report that we only have our room left to paint. Well, and our bathroom but for the sake of sanity let's just say, "ONE ROOM". Celebratory dance. I thought Simon was going to keel over when I casually mentioned I still wanted to paint a few dressers yesterday but the end! It is NEAR. Now, to start the endless deliberations about where to hang things and what to do with all of our newfound freetime in the evenings (Bachelor in Paradise - duh).

4. Becca's finale ... I have to say that I started writing this post a few days ago and her finale already feels like last year's news but ... I press on. I have to say that they seem happy! I was really hoping she'd choose Blake but I think he's in the running along with five other guys to be the Bachelor. I'm on the, "anyone but Jason or Colton" train but ... we ALL know I'll watch regardless of who it is.

5. Alright, I finally finished Summer Wives (and I'm in the market for a new book if you've read anything fun and zippy lately!) and it was good! Not great. I think because I've read a few of her books (my favorite!) before it felt a little bit formulaic and I saw the ending coming from several chapters away but I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone looking for something fun but not too beach read-y.

6. These jeans caught my eye during the Nordstrom Sale but they sold out SUPER fast but they're restocked and the number of positive reviews is impressive, to say the least. I'm going to give them a whirl and shall report back with my findings. I'm also eying this cardigan but I'm still in summer mode and not waving my autumnal white flag quite yet.

7. Simon accused me of being "new school" and not announcing baby #7 over here on the blog but on Instagram instead to which I have to say .... touché. New school it is!! We appreciate all of the excitement and we can't wait for January :)

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope any back-to-schooling went well in your neck of the woods!!


  1. Yay! Congrats!!!! I miss the Patton adventures told through your hilarious stories on the blog so here's to back to school!

  2. Congratulations, Pattons, on baby #7!! I love seeing what your family is up to and to follow along with your adventures! :) As a mom of 8 kids (*almost* 12 years down to 12 months) and the wife of a general surgeon who's in Global Surgery fellowship, I feel an amazing sense of comradery with you (even though I don't *know* you) ;) Keep up the good work! You guys are doing great!

  3. What? CONGRATULATIONS! Almost missed that little announcement tucked in at the end. :) So happy for you all, big families are amazing.

  4. Very exciting news for your family! Congrats on everything from the almost finished painting to the new baby ;)

  5. Oh I totally want to buy a pair of those jeans! They look perfect!


  6. I'm always glad to see a new blog post from you - I started reading when my oldest was a newborn and it's fun to see your kids grow as I watch my own doing the same thing. Time passes all too quickly (and yet incredibly slowly at the same time!) with littles in the house.

  7. Congratulations on baby 7! I also want to try those jeans- I just got a similar “shaping“ pair on Amazon and they do feel like they make a difference. I’m looking forward to your review!

  8. Yay for you back on the blogging e-wagon! I always miss your wit and humor, even though I don't truly know you. When is your due date? I'm due at the end of January and always hoped the stars would align for us to be pregnant "together." Always enjoy seeing the bump pics and your pregnancy knowledge/advice.

  9. Completely agree on Summer Wives, I always read her new books and I enjoyed this one but didn't LOVE it. Also COMPLETELY agree on my favorite of hers. I read that one every year!
    And congratulations on #7!!

  10. I've recently read "Deadly Summer" by Denise Grover Swank which sounds much more thriller-y and dangerous than it is. Actually quite a good beach read with some love and just a little bit of suspense (but not at all the scary kind).

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    1. We have 6 kids, ages 1 through 12, and we drive a Nissan NV. It is fantastic! I highly recommend it because it makes it so easy to carpool. We got it right before baby #6 was born.

  12. Congratulations!! So happy for you both. I have been reading your blog forever and this is so exciting. Baby #7 is a lucky and blessed little soul. What a great family to grow up in. I am an only child and would have loved to have had so many siblings.

  13. I love the stain glass in the first picture!

    I can't wait for another birth novella. ;)



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