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20 July 2018

1. YIKES. I didn't mean to let so much time slip by without a riveting update a la blog but ... here we are. 

Fourth of July photo fashionably late and all. But, we're back! You won't get rid of us that easily. Just remind me to never ever move again. I'd like to report that we're all moved in! Settled! Every little thing put in its pretty little place but that is far from the truth. The boys dresser is still stuffed with glassware wrapped in towels and blankets, our room looks like we moved in 3 hours ago, and poor Phoebe STILL can't find her prized Cinderella doll that she's been looking for for almost three weeks. While I don't think it's possible for me to love a house more than I love our new house it needs (ahem - Simon would disagree with the word, "needs") quite a bit of paint and a few minor updates that have the unpacking process stalled for now.

2. The house is a breath (2 years - same as a breath, right?) away from celebrating her 100th birthday and has all the character to show for it complete with stained glass, wallpaper, and glass doors that Simon is sure the kids are going to destroy any second (he's not wrong - I'm just being uncharacteristically optimistic for once in my life). I just need to cool my, "lets get it all painted now!" jets. I will. I hope.

3. Anyway, there hasn't seemed to be any transitional period for the kids as they've jumped right into life with cousins and second cousins in the neighborhood along with uncles and aunts galore. We'll see how they take the beginning of the school year at a new school but my guess is they'll be just fine. Phoebe attended VBS with the big kids this week and told me, "I didn't miss you at all but I still love you" after her first day. So! Get thee to the full time classroom, P.

4. Believe it or not - we've been so consumed with general move in and figuring things out around the house and painting after the kids go down that I fell pretty behind on Becca's season for a minute there. I know - I didn't even know who I was either. But, I'm almost caught up and am still a big Blake fan. If he doesn't end up with Becca I'm hoping he's the bachelor though it seems like there's Colton bachelor buzz? Thanks but no thanks from me but ... we'll see.

5. On the book front - I'm trying to read Anna Karenina at an impossible pace (wellllll - I'm semi-cheating by listening but it's still time consuming) for a book club here but still managing to imprudently squeeze in some other books that a few of my favorite authors released in the past few months. I should've paced myself but I couldn't help it staying up way too late reading The Perfect Couple (entertaining but not my favorite of hers!), All We Ever Wanted (another page turner but ended kind of abruptly, I felt?), and I'm only about 14% into The Summer Wives but it seems the most promising thus far.

6. Did you score anything great on Prime Day? I was completely overwhelmed and really wished I'd just bitten the Roomba and TV (actually their are both still decent deals ...) bullets but ended up with a bottle of topcoat and an electric razor for Simon. I did take advantage of Target's version of Prime Day and snagged some furniture which I'm not sure is a step or down from our IKEA stuff ... ??? Don't answer that.

7. And I've haven't done any sort of deep dive into the ubiquitous sale that's taken over IG but I do have my eye on these perfect cross between wedges and heels - although I need to be careful now we're back in the land of four seasons and not go crazy with the summery sandals. They will always be my weakness. I was too slow to grab this cute pair of denim and am trying super hard to steer clear of the cardigans because that's really the last thing I need.

I have a million other updates and will be sure to drone on and on about the 89 shades of white I've been studying (Benjamin Moore's Cloud White is the pick du jour) along with a few photos of undramatic transformations here and there.


  1. Congrats on the new house and move! I've seen a few pictures from instastories or instagram, I can't remember, and it looks beautiful! With regards to the BAchelorette also a HUGE fan of Blake and also not on the Colton Bachelor bandwagon. So you have another person in your corner! Welcome back to blogging!

  2. Where did you get the girls dresses? They are darling! Yay for being in the new home!

  3. I love seeing your insta stories! The stained glass is to die for.

  4. Hooray for your new house! It sounds amazing.

    And I've been reading Anna Karenina on and off for... 5 years now. The other day, someone on the radio was talking about Levin's story line and he's my favorite and I made my husband turn the channel so I wouldn't hear any spoilers. He died laughing because 5 years of reading this very old book probably forfeits my right to not have it spoiled ;)

  5. I got the BP cocoon cardigan. My closet is overflowing! eeek.

  6. oh and congrats on the new (old) house. We love old houses with character.

  7. So happy for you guys to have settled and moved in near family! Good luck on painting! Very inspired to get on the rooms I swore I would paint 6-7 years ago.

  8. Welcome back, Grace! :) I'm glad y'all are (almost) settled in. So nice that your kids will have so many relatives to grow up with. Can't wait to see pics of your house when you're ready!

  9. Congrats on the move! Welcome back to Kansas!
    Some favorite books from the past few weeks which perhaps you've read or mentioned but I'm too lazy to go back and read!
    The Queen of Hearts, The Book of Essie, Kristan Higgins-Now That You Mention It, Beartown and the follow up novel.



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