Sunday Bulletin

21 February 2016

... because there's a whole lotta nada going on around here so I thought you might like to be enlightened. Like always, like ALWAYS.

I'm tempted to tell you all about:

+ the multiple (semi-embarrassed but only semi) Bachelor podcasts I listened to this week (fine! this one and a couple episodes of this one!)
+ wax wordy about my (not dramatic/different at all) haircut that I got and for once: don't hate
+ and give you a step-by-step of my new favorite twice baked sweet potato recipe

but ... I'll save those for another day. I think.

Some super fast photos and fragments and then you can be on your merry little way ...

My assistant helping make pancakes this morning (using this mix ... so good) with his super useful apron.

And the super sweet assistant to the assistant that not only wanted to be in the picture but wanted to be the sole subject of said picture ...

story of his life.

I would've bet a whole lot of lettuce that Simon was going to hate these shoes I bought with a Christmas gift card burning a hole in my diaper bag but, he claims to really like them and my friend super stylish friend Kelsey likes them too SO ... I was wrong. And out a head of lettuce, I guess.

Sometimes I fall for some p-r-e-t-t-y dumb links I see on Facebook but this basketball clip was actually pretty impressive. 

A much less expensive and super similar version of the Jeffrey Campbell mules. Heart eyes abound.

Julie! She gets it right every single time! And! Her new Instagram account to love.

I know I've seen this blog before but Rachael reminded me and now it's in my blogroll for good. And for good reason. 

And now I'm going to read my book that FINALLY came off the hold list and into my forever cold and actually quite large hands.

Party on, sole subject, party on.

Happy Sunday


  1. I'm gonna need that twice baked sweet potato recipe, Lady! 😊😉

  2. But for real - what bachelor podcasts do you listen to? It makes cleaning and making meals SO MUCH more enjoyable!

    1. I second this - would love to know which podcasts you listen to because I'm a shameless Bachelor fan

    2. Last week she mentioned it: Here to Make Friends

      Hilarious. But has a bit of swearing.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. We got the Kodiak mix from Costco! So good!

  4. Thanks for that little shoutout Patton :) And I got the olive ones, but now I kind of think I should have got the wine color. I mean is it an overkill to get all the colors? haha!

  5. Yup yup yup, need that sweet potato recipe, too! But this was such a sweet update even without it. :) (But, yeah, seriously, post that recipe soon...)

  6. Where the hell is the sweet potato recipe?!?!!

  7. I know you already got it from the library, but I listened to Wildflower as an audio book and Drew narrates it herself, which totally made it like she was telling you these stories! Might be worth looking into...

  8. I'm sure you guys probably don't find it as hilarious as I do (especially not Theo), but your 1-y.o. bully just! <3
    Oh, & let's see that new haircut!

  9. Would love the twice baked sweet potato! I love the sweet savory possibilities so I'm curious! :) and, as always, love the photos of your kiddos! Getting so big! But, I may be saying that because our current baby just turned two months, and I'm all kinds of it's-all-just-so-fasttttt!

  10. Is that Phoebe's power cardigan?

  11. Theo's hair is so cute! I have a baby boy and am wondering about what to do with boy hair. Can you talk about how you cut it? Is it styled or does he just wake up like that?



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