When you really want a lollipop

19 January 2015

... and your name is Sebastian Patton.

You make it happen. Or you make a valiant effort at the very least.

Last night I ran to Target with Julia for a nightlight {she's decided she's afraid of the dark, fair enough! I still sleep with every possible light on when Simon is gone so odds are good she comes by the fear honestly} and some non-spicy toothpaste for the older kids and if I'm being honest ... a little bit of peace and quiet. We got all four and returned home to find Simon trying to deal with crazycake Phoebe (teething? my best guess slash always my guess with her) in the basement and Sebastian scrambling away from his little man-made kitchen Kilimanjaro ... while yelling, "I wasn't doing any-sing!!!" ...

bathroom trashcan up to dining room chair up to little tower of formula topped with coconut oil that I'm hoping he did not try to scale.

The red bag above the microwave contains his prized potty training lollipops.

And not to be outcrazied ... I found Theo happily stuffing my clogs with baby wipes ... the better to fit his little hooves with, of course.

like gloves, Theorella.

And as much as I love to play the mom cheerleader and hope to foster a love for imaginative play in our offspring ... I have to admit I'm pretty tickled that only one of their little projects was a smashing success and that the other was a big fat failure. Quiet clap clap clap + half-hearted toe touch. 


  1. Hooves. I love when you use that term! And why always the sad scream of death when we leave our middle aged babies in the evening??? I'm gonna go with teething for this little mister here too.

  2. this is too funny! I can totally wait until my boys team up to do things like this but at the same time I can't, haha!

  3. He's resourceful, that Bash. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love this... but I'm also sympathetic to you and having to parent him! Also, Sophie is totally in a shoe phase and steals mine on the daily... must be that age!

  4. Industrious, resourceful, fearless....annoying as hell right now but all traits that will get him very far in life!

    1. I was going to say the same thing! He will probably be amazingly successful...those traits lead to success!

  5. My husbands reaction: "See? We need to have more kids. Then you can tell better stories." At least he sees the silver lining, right?

  6. I just love that he topped it off w/ coconut oil. It's like he's been spending his free time on Pinterest. Anything is possible w/ coconut oil (and kale, all the kale)! Way to go lollipop man. Way to go.

  7. Ha! Creative Bash! J emptied an entire bottle of bathroom cleaner on the living room carpet while I nursed a Ella in the morning. Said he was "searching for treasure. "

    Sure, bud. Sure ;)

  8. This. I feel like if I sent this post to everyone I know they would immediately be hooked.

  9. Ha! I'd say they're engineers in the making ;) And when did Bash get that haircut?! He looks so much older!!

  10. At least it was clean messes, and I'm impressed by their cleverness. My Husband has gone for 2 nights and me and my 2 oldest boys are having a sleep out in the lounge, I'm a massive wuss when he goes away and I figure this is better than lying in beed trying to figure out what the noises are.

  11. Just creeping your blog again because Ellen likes to look at pictures of your kids...

  12. Your wording always cracks me up. :) Theorella. lol...



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