7 Quick Takes Friday

19 April 2013

Guest hosting for Jen once again! I communicated with her via text message around 9pm St. Louis Standard time and she was set to take sweet JT home in one hour. I'm sure this isn't late breaking news but I'm reporting anyway. I'm sure she could still use our prayers as we all know new babies in houses are wonderful but the transition can be ... let's go with interesting. But Transition > NICU, I'm sure. Let's all hope and pray that the homecoming went smoothly!! (update: they're HOME!!!!!)

1. I tried to play it cool when she asked me but I think I set a new exclamation point record in my email saying that I'd love to host again. And I think I probably misspelled my complicated multisyllabic first name for the first time since never because I was SO!! Excited!!!

2. I'm almost 100% sure you've seen the Dove Beauty sketches YouTube floating ALL over the e-world. You have, I know it. But have you seen the men's version ...

(thank you Ashley!!)

3. Oh, here's a sketch a street artist drew of me in Chicago in 2006 ...

I'm sure he went on to do some great things in the caricature world.

4. A clip of the two eldest Patton males ... (the reason I sound wenchy is because the pants he is holding are saturated in Julia's urine)

5. Simon watched the kids the other morning while I went and froze my fingers off in an adequately air conditioned Starbucks and surfed the Internet, answered some emails, and became addicted to going to Starbucks alone with a computer. Anyway, he sent these three photos to assure me that everything was going just fine at home ...

a. it's not bleeding, don't worry (BashDracula got to Julia's back)
b. having fun!
c. Julia's about to tear his face off (for being super OCD about keeping her Dora plate free of any food debris between meals she keeps her crib really messy and yes she notices if I remove a single piece of little paper)

6. One of my good friend's (Hi Colleen without a blog!) brother's wife, Regina, who also has three kids under three just started a stellar blog and I think you'll love it. Head on ova ...

7. Have a nice weekend. We're going to see Josh Ritter ... I've been trying to listen to his music on Pandora as much as possible so I'm a prepared listener but I'm wondering if he'd humor a little Thrift Shop request?

8. Most importantly: I just woke up to read about the nightmare going on in Boston and surrounding areas ... I know I join many of you in praying for everyone involved. 

Oh! And since Kelly asked so nicely last week - I got permission from the Boss to do reverse order linkage. Enjoy.


  1. Reverse order!?!?! And here I stayed up past my bedtime to post this thing. I give up.

  2. @Emily I know whenever I'm ready to go it's in reverse order and when I procrastinate it's not!!

    #5 Yes I don't have money to go anywhere and I get bored sitting at home so the next best thing is to mess around on the computer and people watch at Starbucks. It's very entertaining :)

  3. Reverse order makes the most logical sense for every week (always something new and fresh at the top!), and now I think I've talked myself into going to bed and finishing my post tomorrow.

    I think that sketch of you looks like Julia far more than it does of you - how prescient of the artist!

    (also I'm having insurmountable Wordpress issues, so I'm commenting from my very old food blogging account on Blogger)

    -nancyo of And the Rough Places Plain blog

  4. You are funny, of course, but that one comment about the sketch artist made me laugh.

    And, I go to work by myself, but I haven't gotten addicted to it. Surely it's just that I've decided to go to the wrong place without my children, yes?

    I am so very glad that Joseph is home! Continuing to pray for them all!

    Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!

  5. Apparently Starbucks is giving a free tall coffee before noon today. I would confirm before you pack up all the littles, but may be good for a field trip!

  6. That Man Dove video was the funniest ever!

  7. The video of Simon getting home is beyond adorable!! How is it that kids don't understand that something like pee-soaked pants is something not to be touched?

  8. I got a street picture drawn in Rome. I was 19 at the time, the picture made me look 55 and Russian. Like a spy. Somehow my hair transformed into a fur hood. 40,000 lire wasted.

  9. Rocking the reverse order!! Josh Ritter? Time for me to get out more. Looking him up now...

  10. Reverse order? who knew? Love Josh Ritter...have fun...for me. I am sure it will smell better than where I am at this moment.

  11. I assume that picture is framed and hanging in your bedroom, because if it were me, I know that's what I'd do with such a fine portrait.

  12. Oh my. I wasn't sure what to expect from the men's version, ahahahaahah! And that video of Sebastian waiting for Simon is just too cute!

  13. I hope I'm not the only person in the world who thinks that the women's Dove commercial is so weird. So weird.

    And, that cute little Bash giggle is going to be a man guffaw one day. I just can't believe that!

    Starbucks alone, you say? Hm....

  14. I am not sure what to think about being in the #1 spot so I hope there are some people even later than me.

  15. SO happy Jen is home! I love that sketch. uncanny? yes.

  16. LOL to the YouTube. thank you for posting!

  17. That video of Simon and Sebastian warmed my heart! So precious.

  18. I love the video! What an infectious laugh your boy has! He reminds me of my twin granddaughters, who never get tired of peek-a-boo. They make me feel like the most hilarious person.

    And I hope that sketch artist didn't charge you too much!

  19. Holy poo that sketch artist video is hilarious and that peek-a-boo video is just as cute! Best 7 quick takes ever.

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  21. I'm still laughing my head off at the caricature comment! lol!!!!!!

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  23. Those beauty sketches are hilarious. It was like that time those military guys made a 'call me maybe' video to duplicate some cheerleaders' call me maybe video.

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  30. Throwing myself at the mercy of the hostess to say I tried so hard to get in there with one minute left but my computer, and the Internet, are censoring me. Which is too bad, because I really wanted to support this "Last post first" thing even BEFORE I put off posting until Sunday night.

    Love the Dove parody video...



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