Open to Interpretation: Sloppy Chic

13 March 2013

(100% of the credit for the post title goes to Kendi's pin)

Welcome to another round of Open to Interpretation.

This week's pic was my pick ... behold:

And here's my interpretation ... behold again:

if I don't cross my arms I look like an ape .... arms just dangling without purpose and the pockets on these pants are fake -- 1 mm deep -- and offer my danglers exactly zero shelter.

I really wanted the blazer to work but in my line of work with today's schedule of events (staying home, running gross diapers outside, staying home some more, and running a trash bag full of saturated diapers outside) it didn't.

Sometimes I struggle (struggle? let's not be melodramatic, Grace) with staying in my comfortables all day versus getting dressed in public-worthy duds. I know probably every mom that mostly stays home during the day feels similarly (or, I'd guess?) but I think outfits like this give me less of an excuse to stay in the yogas and a fresh/not so fresh v-neck day in and day out. It's just as comfortable as my sleeping clothes and won't make me peek just my head out when someone comes to the door (rarely happens but ... today could be the day).

Well, now that I've gone and gotten all deep and introspective on you .. I'll ship you off to greener pastures by way of Kayla and Erica. They're a lot more fun, I promise.

the importants:
shirt: Gap via Caroline
blazer: Mitzi and Romano via Caroline
pants: Forever XXI
necklace: c/o Lisa Leonard Designs
my new favorite shoes: c/o Blowfish


  1. I love it! I don't wear blazers much either, even though it might help me command a touch more authority with the teenage minions at school. Sadly, my man shoulders and boy chest prohibit most blazers from being remotely flattering. Lucky you :)

  2. I also struggle with getting "dressed" versus staying in yoga pants all day since I'm at home. I'm better if I have errands to run or meetings to attend - the vanity kicks in and I want to look at least half-way decent for other people. Cute outfit.

  3. My goal for this summer is to purchase a blazer. I will do it. Although in full disclosure my goal for the winter was to get a pair of ankle booties (still bootie-less.) I think I need more fashion consulting that my 9 month old in his stroller when I shop haha

  4. You look so pretty!
    After having a baby, getting dressed for the day consists of my putting leggings or yoga pants on!

  5. I'm always so nervous someone will come to the door when I'm wearing my sweats and nursing tank sans bra....which is most days....has yet to happen, but I feel like when I have a pair of jeans on I'm more ready for the day, even the "wiping snotty nose and changing dirty diapers and getting spit up all over" day....but let's be honest, some days I just don't get that far.

    First comment, but love the blog

  6. I know what you mean, staying home all day doesn´t really motivate anyone to get dressed in not so comfortable clothes. I used to stay in my old shorts and tee shirts all day but I would find myself sad at the end of the day. I started changing clothes around 4 p.m. something pretty but still confortable, applied a little make up, and I just felt so much better :D even if it was just to sit outside my house with my kids. By the way, you look great!!

  7. the pants i'm wearing today have fake pockets as well. never mind that i've worn them at least twice a week for months and months, i still forget that the pockets are fake. i'm a quick one. here's to black pants with fake pockets and wonderfully oversized button-ups! (which just happens to be what i wore today)

  8. Whoa, link from El Campo! Made my morning.

    Love the plaid there, Grace!

    1. And now, btw, I'm off to get dressed. Hah! (But not kidding.)

  9. Can I just say that I hate fake pockets with every fiber of my being? Seriously. I also forget they're fake and then get frustrated when I have nowhere to throw my keys as I'm chasing one of the rascals down the driveway.

  10. I like your version better than the original. And I think I need those shoes!

  11. You look great! And I struggle (I'm all for a bit of drama ha!) with the same thing. I'm a SAHM too and sometimes I feel like I don't want to "waste" my Outside Where People Would See Me Clothes when I know I'm home all day chasing kiddos. The same goes for makeup ha! But, some days I do...try ;)

  12. Love your interpretation! This looks like it would totally work for stay at home momdom!

  13. I've TRIED to wear a blazer since becoming a SAHM. I just feel silly.

    You look amazing, as always.

  14. Don't you hate fake/notdeepenoughtobereal pockets? And you interpreted the look well.

  15. i like it even better without the blazer, but i'm a no fuss dresser. love those pants!



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